Personal budget (pgb)

Do you need care? And do you want to arrange this yourself? You can do this with the personal budget (persoonsgebonden budget, pgb). You can use the pgb to purchase assistance from a care provider. For example, help in the household, or a disability aid such as a mobility scooter. You choose the care provider and arrange everything yourself. You are also responsible for the administration of your pgb.

You can arrange help in 2 ways:

What is a personal budget (pgb)?

A pgb is a sum of money which you can use to purchase assistance. The amount of the pgb depends on the care you need.

You do not get the money from your pgb in your bank account. The Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) or the health insurer will pay the care provder from your pgb. This is called a Begin external link: drawing right(External link), end external link.. It applies to all personal budgets.

With a personal budget you arrange the care yourself and you purchase the care yourself. You also take care of the administration yourself. This comes with certain duties. You need to be able to perform these duties. Think carefully about which help you need and who will provide it. You select 1 or more care provider(s).

With a personal budget you need to arrange many things. To apply for a personal budget and manage it you need to be able to do the following:

  • Look for household help yourself.
  • Write the health care agreement yourself.
  • Arrange other help yourself if your helper goes on holiday or is ill.
  • Keep your own administration for the work.

Managing the personal budget (pgb)

Is it difficult for you to arrange the financial administration of the personal budget? Then a legal representative can help you with this. The court will appoint the legal representative. This could be a trustee, administrator or mentor.

You can also ask somebody from your social network to help you. This is called a budget manager.

After you apply for Wmo support

After you have applied for Wmo support, you will be invited for an appointment at the municipality. During the appointment you will answer various questions. The questions will be about your situation, your social network and who can provide the help. Is somebody else in charge of your financial affairs? Then your budget manager must also attend the appointment. After the appointment, the municipality will decide whether you can get a pgb.

The municipality sets requirements on the quality of the care providers. The municipality will also check whether the care provider which you choose meets the requirements.

You will get an advice after the appointment. The advice will state the kind of help you will get and the amount of the pgb.

Do you have the right to a pgb? Then fill in the pgb plan. Send the plan to your contact person at the municipality within 2 weeks. Has the municipality approved your plan? Then you will receive a decision. This will be a letter stating that you will get the pgb.

Pgb-plan maatwerkarrangement Wmo 2015

(PDF, 315.5 KB)

Quality check

The municipality will check whether the care provider you choose meets the quality requirements. This applies to both organisations as well as independent businesses. You can read more (in Dutch) in these documents:

Guidelines (in Dutch)

(PDF, 228.6 KB)

Quality form for care providers (in Dutch)

(PDF, 406.7 KB)

Quality form for independent businesses (in Dutch)

(PDF, 195.2 KB)

Arranging disability aids

The following applies to disability aids:

  • You purchase your disability aid yourself, such as a wheelchair or mobility scooter.
  • You arrange the maintenance, repairs and the insurance for your disability aid yourself.
  • You pay for this yourself from your pgb. You must show a proof of purchase to the municipality within 60 days. This also applies to repair costs.

Maximum costs for assistance and disability aids

The municipality has set maximum amounts for the care and disability aids which you purchase with a pgb. Are your costs higher? Then you will pay the difference from your own pocket. The SVB will contact you about this.

Personal contribution

For some types of support you pay part of the costs yourself. This is called the Begin link: personal contribution, end link. (eigen bijdrage). This is stated in the Begin link: Social Support Act (Wmo), end link. . You pay a maximum of € 20.60.

You are not allowed to pay the personal contribution from the pgb. You may only use the pgb to purchase your care. You pay the personal contribution to the CAK. The amount of your personal contribution is based on your income.

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