Help in the household

Are you unable to take care of your household due to illness, a limitation or age? Ask your family, friends or neighbours for help. If you do not have anybody who can help you, there are organisations in your neighbourhood which can assist you. The municipality can also assist you.

Examples of help in the household:

  • help organising and planning your household chores
  • learning how you can keep your home clean yourself
  • cleaning and tidying your home
  • help organising your meals and/or food shopping

Assistance you can arrange yourself

You would like to keep your household in order. Ask somebody you know to help you. If you do not have any friends or family who can help you, perhaps there is an organisation close by which can help you with your household chores.  

Look at the Sociale Kaart for all of the possibilities. Use the search term ‘hulp bij het huishouden’.

Help doing food shopping

Look at the Sociale Kaart for the different organisations and volunteer initiatives which can help you do your grocery shopping.

Read more on the page help doing food shopping (in Dutch).

Meal assistance

You can arrange to have meals delivered or pick them up yourself. Or use the meal service in a nursing home in your neighbourhood or at the community centre around the corner.  

Read more on the page meal assistance (in Dutch).

Assistance provided by the municipality

If you have nobody who can help you, the municipality can provide assistance. Read more on the page What is the Social Support Act (Wmo).

Published: 26 September 2022Modified: 26 September 2022