Starting your own business

Do you want to start your own business? For example, as a self-employed professional without staff (zzp’er) or as a partner in a general partnership (VOF)? Part-time or full-time? Make sure you are well prepared.

You will soon see that you will need to arrange many things and that you may have quite a few questions. Such as: how do I write a business plan or how can I finance my business?

Answers to many of your business questions can be found at Begin external link: link), end external link.. This Dutch government website provides information for resident and foreign entrepreneurs about laws, rules and regulations and subsidies.

Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK

On the website of the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK you can find the Business Register as well as all kinds of additional information on how to run a successful business. Keep an eye on the website for courses and videos. Look at the Begin external link: website of the KVK(External link), end external link..

Kansen voor West

The Hague is participating in the Kansen voor West programme management for the western Netherlands. Businesses can apply here for subsidies for innovations or urban development. Information can be found at Begin external link: link), end external link..


Have you found a building which you would like to use for your business? Check the Begin external link: Omgevingsplan(External link), end external link. to see whether you are allowed to use the building for your type of business.

Would you like to use the building for different type of business than what is permitted under the Omgevingsplan? Then apply for an Begin link: environment and planning permit, end link.  for a ‘buitenplanse omgevingsplanactiviteit’.

Insurances for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are not automatically insured against unemployment, illness, a fire or damage claims. More information on insurances can be found on Begin external link: link), end external link..

Local Business Counter

The Local Business Counter (Ondernemersportaal) is the point of contact at the municipality for starting and established businesses in The Hague’s local economy. Do you have any questions? Call, send an email or visit during the consultation hours. More information can be found on the Begin link: Ondernemersportaal, end link. .


Do you want to start your own business? Do you already have some ideas but you do not know how to proceed? The municipality together with Qredits Microfinanciering organises an ‘Ondernemersschool’ in the evenings for starting businesses.

During this course you will write your business plan in 10 weeks and you will explore subjects such as personal development, a SWOT analysis (a strategic planning technique), market research, social media and financing. More information and registration on the Begin external link: Ondernemersportaal(External link), end external link..

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