The Hague - Separating waste: paper

Separating waste: paper

Old paper and carton are collected door to door every 4 weeks. A number of households can make use of a blue (paper) bin. You can also bring your old paper and carton to 1 of the city's paper containers.

If it is collected separately, paper and carton can be recycled into newspaper, toilet paper or packaging material. This reduces the use of raw materials (trees) and saves energy.

Where do you bring the rubbish?

  • Paper is collected door to door every 4 weeks.
  • The collection dates for your neighbourhood can be found in the household waste calendar.
  • You can find paper containers throughout the city, for example by shopping areas or in your neighbourhood. An overview can be found on the map with the locations of the containers.
  • You can dispose of plastic packaging material, tins and drink cartons at 1 of the 3 garbage and recycling stations in The Hague. You can also dispose of large plastic products, such as garden chairs and toys, at the garbage and recycling station in the Plutostraat.


  • Bundle paper and carton together before you put it out on the street so that it cannot blow away. Unfold and flatten carton boxes or cut them in pieces.
  • Place it as close to the street as possible when you put it out on the paper collection day. 

Blue paper bin (kliko)

Blue paper bins were delivered to residents living in a number of neighbourhoods with low-rise homes with a front or back garden. What is allowed in these bins? Examples include old newspapers, advertising leaflets, empty egg cartons and other paper boxes and packaging. These bins are emptied on the paper collection day every 4 weeks. This makes it even easier to separate paper from other household waste.

Good to know:

  • More and more households in The Hague are getting a blue paper bin. Everyone who gets this type of container will receive a letter about it.
  • If you would rather not use the blue paper bin after the 1st month, you can arrange to have it picked up.
  • Do you have enough room for a paper bin, for example, in your garden, shed or cellar? Then you can request a blue paper bin using the application form for household waste containers.

    The container is allowed to be placed on the public road only on the collection day.
What is allowed in the paper container
Allowed Not allowed
Books, newspapers, magazines Plasticised paper
Advertising leaflets Sanitary paper (toilet paper, napkins, tissues etc.)
Printer and writing paper and gift wrap Wallpaper and vinyl
Envelopes Photos
Shredded paper Carbon paper
  • Egg cartons
  • toilet paper rolls
  • carton packaging (such as for tea, pasta and soap powder)
Dirty paper
Telephone books Packaging for drinks and dairy (such as for milk and yoghurt, due to the plastic layer on the inside)
Paper bags Files and ring binders
Carton boxes (flattened or in pieces)

Paper bin is full

It is possible that a paper container is full. Pay attention to the following:

  • Before you report a full container to the municipality, check first whether the container is really full. Sometime a paper container appears to be full, for example because paper or other rubbish has been placed next to the container.
  • Is there another paper container in the neighbourhood? Then you can also use that one. 
  • Never place paper or other household rubbish next to or around the paper bin. Use a different paper container in the neighbourhood or take your rubbish back home with you.

If the container is really full, report it to the municipality.

Stick to the rules

It is prohibited to place paper or other waste on top of or next to the paper container. You risk getting a fine if you do this.

Sticker for less paper 

You can accumulate a lot of old paper if you receive advertising leaflets and free local newspapers. If you would like to put a stop to this, place a:

  • nee/ja sticker (no to advertising, yes to free newspapers) or
  • nee/nee sticker (no to advertising and no to free newspapers) on your letterbox.

These stickers are available free of charge at the city district offices and at the desk of The Hague Information Centre in City Hall. You can also order the sticker for a small fee from the Milieudefensie Servicelijn via the website

Moving boxes

If you need to get rid of a large amount of cardboard moving boxes, you can phone your moving company to come and pick them up.

Published: 24 January 2017Modified: 7 December 2018