Terms of use

These terms of use (hereinafter: ‘The Terms’) concern the use of the platform www.denhaag.nl and al her components (including forum) (hereinafter: 'the Platform'). By using the Platform in any way whatsoever, you accept to be bound to these Terms. The municipality of Den Haag reserves the right to unilaterally change the Conditions. If you continue using the Platform after a change in the Terms, you will automatically accept the changes.

Use Platform

Posting, disclosing or transferring content or information or offering functionalities on and / or through the Platform, is not permitted if and to the extent that this:

  • Is in violation of any applicable legal provision;
  • Violates any third party rights, in particular the intellectual property rights of these third parties;
  • Is in violation with reasonable directions issued by the municipality of Den Haag;
  • Is of commercial nature;
  • Unlawful towards the municipality of Den Haag or a third party in any other way

In respect of the content to be disclosed by you as well as any other use of the Platform, you need to behave at all times in a way that is to be expected from a careful user of the Platform. Therefore you will comply with all legal requirements and observe the 'netiquette' and you will refrain from behaviour such as – but not limited to- spamming, violating intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties and / or the municipality of Den Haag, the disclosure or distribution of child pornography, sexual intimidation or harassing individuals, violating the privacy of third parties, or negatively affect the name or good reputation of others, hacking, executing DoS-attacks and other kinds of attacks, spreading viruses, worms and other software, which may inflict damage on individual systems or disrupt the operation of the internet in itself.

The municipality of Den Haag reserves the right to trim or edit your contributions as well as the right to remove your contributions from the Platform. This will happen if:

  • The contribution concerned violates the rights of the municipality of Den Haag and/ or third parties;
  • The contribution concerned can inflict damage on yourself, third parties or the municipality of Den Haag;
  • The contribution concerned is in violation with the regulations for posting contributions as described in these Conditions. 

Login details

In order to post comments on the Platform, it might be required to sign up for the website once. Your personal information is processed in accordance with the Privacy Statement of the municipality of Den Haag.

You guarantee the municipality of Den Haag that the information you provide – including personal information such as name and e-mail address – is complete, truthful and correct. You are responsible for the non-disclosure of your password to others and will not grant others access to the Platform using your account. You are liable for all consequences of others using your account. 

Uploading content/licence

You will keep the copyrights and other intellectual property rights that belong to you with regard to content you post on the Platform.

You agree that, by providing content, files, data and / or materials to the municipality of Den Haag, you grant the municipality of Den Haag an unencumbered, irrevocable, global, non-exclusive licence to use, duplicate, distribute and disclose the information in relation to the Platform.

You agree that the content you post on the Platform may be used by other users of the Platform. The municipality of Den Haag accepts no liability whatsoever for compliance with these Terms by users of the Platform.

You guarantee the municipality of Den Haag that you are the rightful claimant of the content posted by you, and you indemnify the municipality of Den Haag for all claims of third parties based on the statement that the content violates any (intellectual property) rights of third parties or would be unlawful towards third parties in any other way. 

Termination participation

At all times the municipality of Den Haag has the right to temporarily or permanently freeze and / or remove your account, remove content, or to deny you services and / or the access to those services, in particular – but not limited to- if:

(i) you act in violation of these Terms;

(ii) the municipality of Den Haag believes that your actions may inflict damage to yourself, third parties or to the municipality of Den Haag. 

Intellectual property rights

You acknowledge and agree that the Platform contains files, content and software that are the property of the municipality of Den Haag, her licensors and / or users of the Platform and that are protected by applicable intellectual property rights including – but not limited to – copyrights, neighbouring rights, trademarks and patents. 

Use of content on the Platform

To the use of the content on the Platform, in exception of all images on the Platform including the contributions of users of the Platform, the Creative Commons Attribution License ShareAlike applies. For more information, see: creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/nl/


The information on this platform is exclusively intended to be general information for general use. No rights can be derived from the information on the Platform. The municipality of Den Haag is not liable for any damage that has or may arise(n) as a result of (in)direct use of incorrect or obsolete information on the Platform, including - but not limited to – actions performed by a visitor of the Platform based on the information placed on the Platform. 

Other provisions

To these conditions Dutch Law exclusively applies. Any disputes arising from this agreement will, under exclusion of any other, be brought before the competent court in Den Haag.