Impoundment notice

An impoundment notice informs you that a tax bailiff has been ordered to seize your motor vehicle, bank balance, wages and/or personal effects or property.

When do I get an impoundment notice?

You can get an impoundment notice if you have not paid your municipal taxes/fees (in full) in spite of a liability order.


You must pay the municipal taxes/fees immediately. The fastest way to pay is with online banking or by making a rush order through your bank. It is not possible to pay the outstanding amount in cash at the municipal counter.

Preventing or cancelling an impoundment

Please note: In this phase the tax bailiff will make a seizure unless he hears in time that you have made the payment (in full). If the bailiff makes a seizure, this seizure will be cancelled if you can prove that you have paid the back taxes, including all fees and interest.


Do you have questions about an impoundment notice? Contact the Collections division (Invordering) at tel. (070) 353 38 20.

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