Opening hours for swimming pools in The Hague

Swimming is fun and healthy. There are activities for all ages in The Hague’s swimming pools. Look at the opening hours and swimming activities at each swimming pool.

Are you visiting a swimming pool in The Hague for the first time? Then you need a swimming pass.

Are you interested in lap swimming, recreational swimming, family swimming or various water sports and swimming activities? Go to the Dutch page for the Begin link: opening hours of The Hague’s swimming pools, end link. .

You are more than welcome in the swimming pools. The municipality would like everybody who is going swimming to have a nice time and feel safe. This is why there are a number of Begin link: house rules, end link. . Make sure you know the rules and follow them.

Do you already have a swimming pass?

zwempas vanaf 14 jaar verplicht

If you are 14 years or older, you will get a free personal swimming pass the first time you visit a swimming pool. To get the swimming pass you will need to show a valid ID at the cash desk of the swimming pool. The pass is valid in all of The Hague’s swimming pools. Take it with you every time you go swimming.


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