Natural swimming spots

The North Sea is not the only place where you can take a refreshing dip outdoors. There are numerous locations in and around The Hague which are perfect for freshwater swimmers. Such as natural pools and ponds. Have a look where you can swim safely.

In The Hague

Besides the beaches at Kijkduin and Scheveningen, you can enjoy swimming outdoors in a natural environment in the Madestein recreational area. The area has recreational lakes and ponds with sunbathing areas and playgrounds as well as 3 ‘beaches’:

  • Loosduinen (Madesteinweg)
  • the north bank (Madepolderweg)
  • the south bank (Madepolderweg)

You can also hire boats at the the boating facilities at the Begin external link: De Madelief(External link), end external link.. The water quality in these lakes and ponds is tested regularly on safety levels.

It is not advisable to swim in other kinds of bodies of natural water in The Hague. These waters are not tested on quality or on their danger to swimmers. If you would like to swim at your own risk, exercise caution. Pay attention to boats, do not jump from high embankments or bridges and stay away from water in which you see dead fish and/or water birds floating.

Around The Hague

In the area around The Hague you can also find a large selection of locations for freshwater swimming as well as interactive water playgrounds especially for children. The province of South Holland has a Begin external link: list of swimming spots(External link), end external link. in a natural environment in and around The Hague. These are generally ponds, river tributaries and water parks.

Swimming in the sea

Swimming in the sea can be a wonderful experience and plunging into icy cold water is becoming increasingly popular among wild swimmers. However, it also has its dangers. The water currents, tidal currents and wind are often unpredictable. Crowded beaches in the summer make it tough to keep an eye on swimmers and children. During the beach season the life guards from The Hague Rescue Brigade (Begin external link: link), end external link.) give visitors advice and help along the coast of Kijkduin and Scheveningen.

Pay attention to the flags on the beach. A red flag means no swimming: it is prohibited to enter the water. A yellow flag means caution: it can be dangerous to enter the water or swim.

Follow the Begin external link: X account(External link), end external link. of The Hague Rescue Brigade for updates on the daily conditions.

Is my swimming spot safe and clean?

Begin external link: link), end external link. provides a map with all of the natural swimming locations in the Netherlands. If the government issues a negative swimming advisory due to health risks, for example because of blue-green algae or jellyfish, it will be posted on the website and in the app. The website also provides tips on safe swimming and health risks.

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