Outdoor fitness

Outdoor fitness is a low-threshold and varied form of physical exercise which can be done with or without supervision. There are a number of fitness trails with exercise equipment in public parks.

Outdoor fitness is suitable for all ages.

Fitness trails

You can find fitness trails at the following spots in the city:

Escamp city district

  • Zuiderpark, Henriette Roland Holstweg (not accessible to vehicles)
  • EscampcarrĂ©, entrance between the school and Escampade shopping centre, Escamplaan 63-65

Laak city district

  • Ketelveld, entrance next to the school, Ketelstraat

Scheveningen city district

  • Hart Beach Surfschool, Strandweg 3B
  • Vlielandsestraat, entrance next to the flat

Haagse Hout city district

  • Bosjes van Sanen, entrance from Ruychrocklaan
  • Wijkpark de Horst


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