Prostitution in The Hague

Prostitution is a legal profession in the Netherlands, but there are strict rules for sex work. The municipality would like to ensure that sex workers can stay safe and healthy while they work. The sex must be consensual and may only occur between adults.

Rules for sex workers

There are strict rules for sex workers. They must:

  • be at least 21 years old
  • be self-employed and registered at the Chamber of Commerce
  • work in a sex business or as a street prostitute if they want to work in a public spot

Rules for owners of sex businesses

There are also rules for sex businesses (operators). They must:

  • have a permit from the municipality
  • have a business plan. This plan states how the sex workers can stay safe and healthy while they work.
  • make sure that a manager is at the sex business during the opening hours

Working in prostitution

Would you like information on how to stay safe and healthy while working as a sex worker? There are various organisations in The Hague which can help you:

  • SHOP (Foundation for Help and Shelter for Prostitution)(External link): expertise and knowledge centre on sex work and human trafficking. SHOP provides social work, shelter, care coordination for victims of human trafficking and it has a prostitution exit programme which assists sex workers in finding a different line of work. SHOP provides family members (parents, partners etc.) of clients with (short-term) assistance.
  • Spot 46(External link): Spot 46 is part of SHOP and provides information and advice to sex workers on staying safe and healthy in their work.
  • Stichting De Haven(External link): help and support to (former) sex workers. They also have an exit programme to help sex workers who want to stop their work.
  • Centre for Sexual Health(External link): information and advice on sexually transmitted infections (STIs), vaccinations, (unwanted) pregnancy and contraception. You can get a free and anonymous STI test and a Hepatitis B vaccination.

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