Land register services

Do you need land register information? Or would you like a price quote for making a drawing to divide apartment rights? Then you can contact the municipal Land Register Counter.

What is it?

Land register information is information about property rights to the land and building. You can obtain the following information from the Land Register:

  • the owner of the building (proprietary data)
  • extract of mortgages and/or repossessions
  • deeds for repossessions, mortgage and division of apartment rights
  • act issuing land for ground lease
  • act reissuing the leasehold in perpetuity (concluded after 1986)
  • site assessment (situatietekening) of the plot in the land register
  • restrictions under public law, see Statutory repair notice, request information.

Request information

Would you like to request land register information? You can do this at the national Kadaster or at the municipality's Land Register Counter (Kadasterbalie).

Request information via the national Kadaster

You can look up the information yourself on

Request information at the municipality

The Land Register Counter in The Hague provides the same information as the national Kadaster. Do you have a question or would you like to make an appointment? Contact the Land Register Counter.

  • Call tel. (070) 353 62 76
  • Send an email to
  • If you have an appointment you can come to:
    Leyweg 813
    2545 HA Den Haag


Viewing and requesting land register information costs money. The fees depend on your question. You must pay the fees right away. You can only pay by bank card at the Land Register Counter.