Apply for a permit to convert a property into room rentals

Do you want to convert (change) a property into room rentals? You will need a conversion permit (omzettingsvergunning) from the municipality. You will then be allowed to change the property into non-independent living space (suitable for room rentals).

As of 1 June 2021 there are new rules for room rentals. A conversion permit is required for room rentals for 3 or more people. The municipality is not granting any new permits in a large number of neighbourhoods. There are stricter requirements for neighbourhoods where it is still possible to get a permit.


In The Hague a conversion permit is required for room rentals for 3 or more people. A conversion permit will be granted only:

  • in neighbourhoods:

    • where the average property value (WOZ-waarde) is higher than € 310,000 (in 2020)
    • where 5% or less of the homes are currently being used for room rentals
  • in neighbourhoods which have not been designated as vulnerable
  • for properties:

    • which have 18 square metres of living space or more per occupant
    • which meet the conditions for sound insulation if there are more than 5 occupants
    • where there are not more than 8 occupants

    More information on all of the rules can be found on the page Rent out a room.


    You pay € 478 for your application in 2021. Even if you do not get a permit.


    Only the owner of the property can apply for a conversion permit. Or the owner can authorise somebody else to do this on his behalf.


    You can complete the form with your DigiD. If you do not yet have DigiD, you can apply for one at

    When completing the form, you can indicate 2 preferred dates for an inspection by the municipality.

    Apply for the conversion permit

    In writing

    Complete the online form and send it by email to:

    Or print it and send it by post to:

    Dienst Stedelijke Ontwikkeling
    Postbus 12655
    2500 DP Den Haag

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