Apply for initial ruling on all-in-one building permit

Would you like to carry out a plan or activity? Then it is good to know if your plan or activity is achievable. An initial ruling may help you clarify possible risks and consequences. Apply for an initial ruling on an all-in-one building permit.

You are not allowed to start building or renovating with an initial ruling. But the initial ruling does help you to see if your plan or activity is feasible. A high feasibility can help ensure that the procedure goes more quickly and efficiently.

Anyone can apply for an initial ruling on all-in-one building permit. An initial ruling is meant to test the feasibility of complex construction plans in advance against an official all-in-one building permit. You can decide yourself which parts of your plan or activity you want to include in this procedure.

Send all the information which is important for the assessment of the plan or activity when you submit your application. Check the list on Beginseluitspraak omgevingsvergunning aanvragen: bijlagen (in Dutch).

Are you completing the application form without DigiD? Send the signed application form together with the attachments by email to: or by post to: Postbus 12655, 2500 DP Den Haag.

You can submit your application using the application form for an initial ruling on an all-in-one building permit.

€ 100 to process the application.

  • It is extremely busy at the moment. Many people are applying for permits for renovation work. You may have to wait longer than usual. Submit a complete application for the initial ruling and postpone applications which are not urgent. The municipality apologises for any inconvenience and thanks you for your understanding.
  • If you submit an official application before an initial ruling is given, the procedure for the initial ruling will be stopped. In this case, you still must pay the processing fees for the initial ruling.


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