Parkeren Den Haag parking app

Do you have a parking permit? Use the Parkeren Den Haag app. You can use this app for your telephone to register and deregister number plates.

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Make sure that you download the official app. The official app was developed by Brightpark B.V.

Parkeren Den Haag app for Android and iOS

You can download the Parkeren Den Haag app on your telephone or tablet. Check whether the app is able to work on your telephone. The app does not work on a Windows telephone. The Parkeren Den Haag app works on telephones with:

  • Android version 5 (Lollipop) or higher
  • IOS version 10.0 or higher

Register and deregister on the website

Are you unable to use the app on your telephone? You can also register and deregister number plates on the website. Do you have a parking permit for visitors? You can register and deregister your visitors by telephone on (070) 890 00 20.

Download the app

Android App on Google Play
Available on the App Store

    What you can do with the app

    The app can be used to:

    • switch number plates
    • check whether you are registered or deregistered
    • view previous parking sessions
    • add number plates to a list of favourites
    • register a maximum of 99 number plates at the same time for the visitor's parking permit (1 per company parking permit)

    How does the app work?

    1. Enter your registration code and the accompanying PIN code. You received these by post. You can also see the registration number and PIN code in MijnDenHaag.
    2. Enter the number plate to activate the parking session. You can also enter the name of 1 of your pre-programmed favourites to register the number plate.
    3. Enter the starting date and time. You can register yourself or your visitors in advance.
    4. You can also now enter the expected ending date and time.

    Check the starting and ending time

    If you do not enter a time for your visitor's parking session, the system will automatically select the pre-programmed starting and ending times. Check whether these are correct for your visitor's parking spot.

    Look at the pre-programmed starting and ending times on the page Register and deregister visitor parking using number plate.


    Do you have questions? Contact the Municipal Parking Division.

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    Published: 27 November 2017Modified: 4 April 2022