Apply for parking permit for residents

Do you live in or will you be moving to an area with paid parking? If you have a parking permit, you do not have to pay for parking each time.


  • You live or are going to live in an area where a parking permit is required.
  • You do not live in the Energiekwartier or CS-Oost / Grotiusplaats. These areas are easy to reach on public transportation. And they are located at cycling distance from the downtown area, The Hague's Central Station and Hollands Spoor station.
  • You are the owner of a car or mircocar. Or the car is in the name of your spouse or registered partner and you live together. You can also apply for a permit if:

    • the car is a lease car
    • the car is a company car
    • you (temporarily) are unable to use your own parking space. For example, in a garage or on your own property
    • you share a car. Look at the extra conditions.
    • you have diplomatic (privileged person) status. For example, an employee of an embassy
  • Per address you can apply for a maximum of 3 resident's parking permits.
  • Is your car longer than 6 metres or higher than 2.40 metres? Or do you drive a camper? Then other conditions apply.

The resident's parking permit entitles you to unlimited parking in the areas where the permit is valid. Read the conditions for use.

Needed for the application

  • The number plate of your car.
  • Your bank account number (IBAN).
  • For applications without DigiD: your citizen service number (BSN).

In the following cases you will need to submit extra documents:

  • If you drive a lease car: a lease contract in your name.
  • If you drive a company car: a declaration by your employer. The declaration must state whether you need the vehicle on a permanent basis or once in a while for your work. The number plate must be included in the declaration.
  • If you drive a car with a foreign number plate: a digital version of your car's registration document.
  • You are (temporarily) not able to use your parking space: a declaration by the owner or manager of the garage. The declaration must state that you are currently not using the parking space and that there are no parking spaces available. The declaration may be a maximum of 1 week old. Are you using a Staedion or Q-Park garage? Then this declaration is not required.
  • You are not yet living at the address: a copy of your purchase deed or rental contract.
  • You have diplomatic status and you are not registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP): a copy of your privileged person's identity card.


    The permit is linked to the car's number plate. If you have more than 1 car, you will need to apply for a permit for each car. Per address you can apply for a maximum of 3 resident's parking permits. You can apply for the permit online or by post. Do you have a parking space on your own property or do you have diplomatic status? Apply by post.

    Online (you live at the address)

    Are you already living at the address? Complete the online form for your application.

    Apply for permit

    Belangrijke informatie:

    As of 1 May 2022 you will be able to apply online for a resident's parking permit for Duinzigt (Benoordenhout area) or Duttendel (Scheveningen area). Paid parking will be introduced in these neighbourhoods as of 1 June 2022.

    Online (you do not yet live at the address)

    Are you not yet living at the address? Complete the online form for your application.

    Apply for permit

    By post

    You can also apply for the permit by writing a letter. Use the Parking permit application form for private individuals.

      Parking permit application form for private individuals (PDF, 106,4 kB)

      Complete the form and send it together with any required documents to:

      Dienst Stadsbeheer
      Handhavingsorganisatie Afdeling vergunningen
      Antwoordnummer 1435
      2501 VE Den Haag

      A postage stamp is not needed.


      For each application you pay € 15.05 in fees in 2022. You will also pay the fees for the permit each year. The rates are:

      Number of cars Fees for 12 months (rate in 2022)
      1st car at 1 address € 66.60
      2nd car at 1 address € 294.90
      3rd car at 1 address € 589.75

      There is a different rate for the Vruchtenbuurt and Bloemenbuurt. The fee for 12 months is € 14.35 (rate in 2022) for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd car at 1 address.

      Belangrijke informatie:

      The starting and ending date of your permit depends on the neighbourhood where you are living. Are you applying for a permit? The fee can differ from the amounts above. You will pay only for the amount of time remaining in the current permit period. Is this period shorter than 2 months? Then you will right away pay for the following permit year. For more information go to Extend parking permit.

      How long does it take?

      You can choose the date on which you want your parking permit to take effect. The application depends on how you apply and the method of payment:

      Online (you live at the address)

      • With iDeal: your permit can take effect immediately.
      • By direct debit or invoice: minimum of 10 working days.

      Online (you do not yet live at the address)

      • By direct debit: minimum of 5 working days.

      By post

      • By direct debit: minimum of 5 working days.
      • By invoice: minimum of 10 working days.

        Good to know

        • For some areas of The Hague it is not possible to apply for a parking permit. And in some areas the permit is valid only in the evening. More information on the permit areas can be found on the overview of maps for parking.
        • Are you disabled? Then you may be able to apply for a disabled resident's parking permit. This permit allows you to park in all paid parking spots in The Hague.
        • Do you live with other people at 1 address, for example in a multi-tenant building or complex? Then you may have to pay the more expensive rate for a 2nd or 3rd car. The municipality will determine the rate based on the waste tax. Do you pay the waste tax separately? Then you will pay the basic rate (rate for 1st car) for your parking permit.

        More information


        Do you have questions about your parking permit? Contact the Municipal Parking Division.