Playgrounds in the city

Children represent nearly a quarter of the population of The Hague and children like to play outdoors. Playing outside is important for a child’s development. Together with residents the municipality wants to make sure the city has good quality playgrounds for everybody to enjoy. Do you have an idea for improving the playgrounds? Let the municipality know.

Being able to play outside in a city like The Hague is not something to be taken for granted. Space is limited and needs to be shared with many other people and things. It is exactly for this reason that spacious, safe and challenging playgrounds are vital. Because good play equipment help to challenge children and stimulate their imagination.

Play areas

The municipality has more than 500 play areas in the city where children can happily and safely play outdoors. There are playgrounds with swings and playhouses for young children as well as football pitches, basketball courts and urban outdoor sports spaces for teens. Urban outdoor sports are spots where you can do sports like skateboarding, free running (parkour) and calisthenics.

Play areas on the map

Look at the play areas and play equipment in the city.

Look at play areas

Play equipment for children with a disability

The municipality has created 3 playgrounds for disabled children together with residents and organisations in the neighbourhood:

  • Van Campenvaart playground in Ypenburg
  • Melis Stokepark playground in Morgenstond
  • Billie Holiday playground in Waldeck

There are swings for disabled children in other playgrounds as well. Click on Begin link: the map for all play areas for children with a disability, end link. .

Haagse Hopjes

Children can borrow sports and play equipment at the Haagse Hopjes. They offer jump ropes, bicycles, go-carts, scooters, balls, tennis equipment and frisbees. You can find the Haagse Hopjes on playgrounds in nearly every city district in The Hague. The Haagse Hopjes are open when the (primary) schools are closed. Look for more information on the websites of Begin external link: Stichting Haagse Hopjes Transvaal(External link), end external link. or Begin external link: ServicepuntXL(External link), end external link. .

Great playgrounds for everyone

It is important that playground equipment is kept clean and safe for children. The municipality is happy to look together with the neighbourhood at improving, taking care of and maintaining existing and new playgrounds. The municipality often makes arrangements with residents organisations, the neighbourhood and schools when renewing a playground on how it will be cared for and maintained. In addition the municipality inspects the safety and functionality of all of the city’s playgrounds 4 times a years. The municipality also makes sure there are enough waste bins and benches.

Your ideas are welcome

  • Do you have ideas on how to make a playground better? For example, by making adaptations for disabled children or by adding more challenging equipment? Or would you like to organise an activity in a playground in the neighbourhood? Contact the municipality and find out who the playground caretaker is for your city district.
  • Have you seen broken playground equipment? You can report this through the page Begin link: Make a complaint about a public area, end link. .


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