Hague plan for a sustainable future

It is advisable to switch over to clean energy step by step and neighbourhood by neighbourhood. The municipality has drafted a plan for the future (‘kadernota’). This plan clearly states what the municipality, together with you, will do the coming years in terms of sustainability.

This plan will focus on 4 spearheads:

  • clean energy for homes and buildings
  • clean transport
  • a clean living environment
  • more sustainable use of resources

These 4 spearheads will make it clear what The Hague will be working on the coming years.


Ten green energy neighbourhoods (Groene Energiewijken) are already working on sustainability and are inspiring the rest of the city. There are already energy-efficient construction projects, sources of clean energy and solar panels on more and more roofs. The first electric buses and trucks are already operating in the city. The municipality aims to use the plan to achieve even more success in the future together with you.

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Download the Memorandum on Sustainability – ‘Clean energy in a green city’:

Memorandum on Sustainability

(PDF, 4.9 MB)


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