Driving an electric car

Combustion engines in traffic are the cause of most air pollution in cities. The municipality wants to make it more appealing to drive an electric car. That is why the municipality is installing public charging points as well as building fast-charging stations.

The Hague now has more than 2,400 charging posts and numerous fast-charging stations. Every year approximately 400 new charging posts are added. Each post has 2 charging points. That means 800 additional public charging points every year.

Request a charging point

If you drive or want to drive an electric car, you can ask the municipality to install a charging point in your neighbourhood. This is possible only if you are not able to park on your own property. All residents and visitors may use the charging points. You are then assured of a certain amount of charging capacity in your area. For more information see Request charging point for electric car.

For homeowners associations (VvEs) it is sometimes difficult to reach an agreement on the installation of a charging point. Go to www.vveladen.nl(External link) to read the brochure ‘Laadoplossingen voor elektrische auto’s binnen de VvE’ (in Dutch).

Lack of parking space and time restrictions

In neighbourhoods where parking is in limited supply, a sign will be placed at the charging stations indicating the times when the parking space is reserved exclusively for cars being charged. Outside of these times, non-electric cars may also park in the spot by the charging station.

Is a car parked by the public charging point during the reserved window of times but it is not being charged? Report this to the municipality.

You can find more information about the rules for the charging points on the page Electric charging stations in The Hague.

Green electricity and the same electricity rate

The electricity for the charging posts is green electricity from windmills in Zeeland. In The Hague you pay a uniform price for electricity at every charging point. The price is € 0.33 per kWh including VAT.

The price for electricity for charging cars was reduced temporarily between 1 July and 30 September 2022. This was due to the lower VAT on electricity. According to the contract the price is calculated at € 0.33 per kWh including VAT. This is why the old price of € 0.33 per kWh including VAT will take effect again as of 1 October 2022.

Please note: you need a personal charging card to charge your electric vehicle at a public charging point. Various companies provide these cards. You may have to pay a surcharge for using the card. This depends on the card and the type of subscription. You can check this with the provider of your charging card.


See the locations of the charging stations on www.oplaadpalen.nl(External link).

Would you like to stay informed about where new charging stations are being installed? Then subscribe to the official public announcements on overheid.nl(External link). The issued permits and traffic decisions to designate a parking space as a charging space will be published there.


For more information send an email to denhaagelektrisch@denhaag.nl.

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