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The Municipal Clerk (griffier) is in charge of the Municipal Clerk's office (griffie) and acts as the primary advisor to the Municipal Council in all areas.

Lilianne Blankwaard-Rombouts is The Hague's Municipal Clerk. In this position, she provides support to the mayor, the Municipal Council and the Presidium. The Municipal Clerk’s office prepares the meetings, forwards all the Council’s proposals and other documents to the relevant parties, and ensures that meetings proceed smoothly. The Municipal Clerk provides guidance to Council members when they take up their duties.

Address & contact

Lilianne Blankwaard, Municipal Clerk

Spui 70
2511 BT The Hague
Verdieping B 03/Kamer 20
Telephone: (070) 353 31 31

Post for the Municipal Clerk's office can be sent to:

Gemeente Den Haag / Griffie
Postbus 19157
2500 CD The Hague