Follow a Municipal Council meeting

The Municipal Council meetings are currently being held with a quorum and are closed to the public due to the coronavirus measures. A quorum is the minimum number of Municipal Council members required to open a meeting and to deliberate (a minimum of 23 members for The Hague). One spokesperson per political party needs to be at the deliberations. The Municipal Council meetings are broadcast live.


The meeting schedule and the documents required for the council meetings and committee meetings can be found under the meeting schedule for the Municipal Council and Municipal Executive (in Dutch).

Follow the meeting live

You can follow the live broadcast of the meetings via You can also watch the council meetings on Den Haag TV.

Addressing a meeting

Everybody is entitled to speak about subjects on the agenda during a Municipal Council meeting or a Council Committee meeting. This opportunity does not apply to formalities. Addressing a meeting is called 'Stad in de raad' (City in the Council). You can speak during Municipal Council meetings during the first 30 minutes of the meeting once the agenda has been established.

You can speak during Council Committee meetings before each agenda item is discussed.

If you would like to speak during a meeting, register at the Municipal Clerk's office up to 24 hours before the meeting starts. You can register by phoning tel. (070) 353 31 31, by sending an email to or online via Stad in de raad.

Published: 8 June 2021Modified: 3 January 2022