Atrium City Hall gives space to ideas

The Atrium The Hague is the central meeting place in City Hall for residents and visitors to The Hague. The Atrium City Hall foundation is responsible for organising cultural, educational, social and commercial events and expositions there.

‘Tot In De Vezel’ exhibition. Photo: Gafarferet on Flickr.
‘Tot In De Vezel’ exhibition. Photo: Gafarferet on Flickr.

Event or exhibition

The Atrium City Hall foundation has been organising events and exhibitions since The Hague City Hall opened in 1995. External parties can also rent the space for an event or exhibition in the Atrium. Atrium City Hall gives you a good impression of what is going on in The Hague and beyond.


There is space in the Atrium for different ideas. For example:

  • a banquet dinner for 600 guests 
  • a reception
  • an opening
  • a lecture with theatre seating
  • a concert on 1 of the 11 floors
  • a floating fashion exposition above the municipal counters
Graduation University Leiden. (Photo: Martijn van Dam Fotografie)
Graduation University Leiden. (Photo: Martijn van Dam Fotografie)


The Atrium welcomes more than 8,000 visitors per week. For example for a visit to a municipal counter or to a presentation.

The Atrium City Hall foundation does not have any exhibition material of its own. This means you can design your exhibiton in your own way, within the established guidelines. The foundation works together with the design agencies Begin external link: Letter Z Design(External link), end external link. and Begin external link: Meta Menkveld(External link), end external link.. They have a large variety of different exhibition materials which they can tailor to suit your needs. The design agencies will be happy to give you ideas on how to make the most of your exhibition.

Kerst-Sing-ALong 2022 - Foto De Schaapjesfabriek - Tessa Veldhorst
Christmas Sing-a-long 2022 (Photo: De Schaapjesfabriek – Tessa Veldhorst)

Organising an activity

Would you like to organise an activity in Atrium The Hague? Then you can fill in the Begin external link: application form(External link), end external link.. After you submit this completed form, the organisation will decide if your activity is suitable for Atrium The Hague.

Opening hours of Atrium The Hague for visitors

Monday to Wednesday and Friday: 7.00 to 19.00 hrs.
Thursday: 7.00 to 21.30 hrs.
Saturday: 9.30 to 17.00 hrs.
Sunday and public holidays: closed

Agenda of Atrium The Hague

Would you like to see which activities are being organised in Atrium The Hague? Look at the agenda at Begin external link: link), end external link..

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