Report your move abroad (deregistration)

Are you going to move abroad? Deregister from the Municipality of The Hague. You may not report this move any earlier than 5 days before your date of departure. The municipality will then update your details accordingly.


    • If you are going to be residing abroad for more than 8 months during the course of a year, you are required to report this to the municipality. This does not need to be a continuous period.
    • The move needs to be reported on the day of departure or a maximum of 5 days prior to the move. You will then be deregistered from your address.
    • In your report, you are required to state your new residential address abroad. If you do not yet have a fixed address abroad, you are required to indicate your first known address abroad (for example, the address of a hotel, family member or friend).

    Who can report a move

    It is not possible to authorise someone else to report your move abroad.

    Entire family leaving at the same time

    If the entire family is moving abroad at the same time, then the following people can report a move:

    • everyone aged 16 or older, on behalf of themselves
    • cohabiting spouses/registered partners, on behalf of each other (provided that spouses and partners are moving abroad together)
    • the parent, guardian or caretaker, on behalf of underage children (only if the parent, guardian or caretaker is moving abroad together with the children under 18 years of age). If one parent is moving abroad with the children, he/she should bring a declaration of permission together with a copy of the proof of identity for the other parent
    • parents, on behalf of their adult children living at home (only if the parents and the children living at home are moving abroad together)
    • adult children, on behalf of their parent(s) living with them (only if the adult children living at home and their parent(s) are moving abroad together)
    • the guardian of a person who has been placed under their guardianship

    Underage children leaving without parents

    Are the parents/caretakers/guardian of a child under the age of 18 already living abroad and is the child now also moving abroad? Then only the parents/caretakers/guardian are allowed to report this to the municipality. Send the following documents to the email address or by post to the Department of Public Service:

    • a letter which states that you as parents/caretakers/guardian give permission for your child to move abroad. Your signature and the date must appear on the letter
    • the foreign address (if possible)
    • copies of the proof of identity for the parents/caretakers/guardian of the child

    What you need when reporting your move

    Reporting the move in writing (a letter):

    • copy of your proof of identity
    • a letter with your old and new address (if it is known), the date of departure and your signature

    Reporting the move in person:

        Report your move abroad

        • You can often report your move abroad in a letter to the Department of Public Service. Sometimes not all the family members are moving abroad. In that case all of the family members (including underage children) who are moving abroad must appear in person at the municipal counter to report the move.
        • You can also report your move in person at the Department of Public Service counter at City Hall Spui or the Leyweg City Office. Make an appointment to do this.

        Make an appointment

        How it works

        • The report will be processed the day you report your move.
        • Your move abroad will automatically be forwarded to other public authorities and agencies which make use of the Personal Records Database (BRP).
        • The municipality will not send you a confirmation of your move. However, you will receive proof of deregistration free of charge if you are moving to the Caribbean Netherlands (the countries Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten and the special municipalities Bonaire, Saba and Sint Eustatius). You will need this document to register there.
        • You will be registered as a non-resident of the Netherlands in the Non-residents Records Database (RNI).
        Let op!
        Moving abroad can have consequences for your rent benefit, possible student grants, future benefits and your taxes.

        Clearance certificate for household effects

        When moving to or from a foreign country, customs officials can ask you for an inward or outward clearance certificate for your household effects. To get this certificate, you will need an extract from the Personal Records Database (BRP). You can apply for this document up to and on the day of departure at the Department of Public Service counter. Afterwards you will only be able to apply for the document at City Hall Spui (City Hall, Spui 70).

        • You must report your move abroad a maximum of 5 days before your departure.
        • You must provide a residential address in the foreign country. If you do not yet have a residential address, you must indicate your first known address.

        How long does it take?

        • In writing: 3 working days
        • In person: while you wait

        Would you like to know if you have been deregistered? You can look it up on MijnDenHaag. You will need your DigiD for this inquiry. You can also inquire at the counter of the city office whether you have been deregistered. You will need to show a valid proof of identity for this inquiry.

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