DigiD - your online ID

DigiD stands for 'Digital Identity'. DigiD allows you to arrange many of your affairs online on hundreds of Dutch government websites.

The government can verify your identity online using DigiD. The Municipality of The Hague also works with DigiD for certain services and products.

What can you use DigiD for?

Your DigiD gives you access to an increasing number of Dutch government websites. You can use it to arrange many of the Municipality of The Hague's online products and services. You can also arrange your municipal tax affairs in part online. To request official documents online with DigiD, you will need to be registered in a Dutch municipality. DigiD is also used for private health care services, such as applying for health insurance or making an appointment in the hospital.

Apply for DigiD

DigiD consists of a username and a password. You can apply for DigiD via the DigiD website. In the PDF below (Register for a DigiD account) you can get step-by-step instructions on how to fill in the Dutch application form.

Register for a DigiD account (PDF, 2,4 MB)
Also see Simplified explanation about DigiD

DigiD not working

Are you having problems logging in with DigiD? This could be because:

  • your DigiD has not been activated.
  • you do not live in The Hague but you are trying to order products from the Municipality of The Hague’s Department of Public Service.
    Some municipal products can be ordered with your DigiD only if you live in The Hague. This includes, for example, extracts from the Personal Records Database (BRP).
  • you have not yet received the assessment notice from the Municipal Tax Department.
  • the tax bill from the Municipal Tax Department is not in your name.
  • you requested confidentiality in the Personal Records Database (BRP). If this has been activated, you cannot log in to MijnDenHaag with your DigiD.

FAQ about DigiD

You can find an overview of the most frequently asked questions about DigiD on DigiD.nl.

DigiD for Dutch citizens living abroad

If you live abroad and you have Dutch nationality, you can apply for DigiD at a number of municipalities. This is also possible at the Municipality of The Hague. Read more at DigiD for Dutch nationals living abroad.

Published: 12 May 2015Modified: 13 April 2021