International city of peace and justice

In The Hague tens of thousands of people are working every day to build a more peaceful and just world. Doing good and doing business forms the very heart and soul of The Hague’s economy. There is an increasing focus on using new technologies to help accelerate peace, justice and security worldwide.

Peace and Justice in a digital world

Organisations and businesses in The Hague are working on ethical and legal challenges surrounding the internet, big data analytics, artificial intelligence and robotics. The city has a long-standing tradition of protecting the rule of law, yet it is continuing to innovate using new technologies.

Solutions embrace the digital revolution in order to put peace, justice and security on a fast track. Here, big data is processed into insights which advance transparency and the accountability of institutions and governments. The Hague is working to keep the world safe from cyber threats and is ensuring that human rights do not end when people go online.

Centre of decision-making and influence

The Hague’s unique position as an international centre of decision-making and influence has propelled it to earn its reputation as the international city of peace and justice.

Nowadays, The Hague is home to more than 200 international organisations, including the Permanent Court of Arbitration and the city also plays host to the International Court of Justice, Europol, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and UNICRI Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Thousands of specialists in international law and governance at these organisations work together to share their expertise. And with the continuous influx of new international organisations and non-governmental organisations, this number is rising.

Doing good and doing business

In The Hague social impact and economic success go hand in hand and innovative solutions are being created to help build a better world. With the digital revolution in full swing in The Hague modern technologies can have tremendous potential in terms of bringing about peace. Begin external link: ImpactCity The Hague(External link), end external link. is helping innovative entrepreneurs working on solutions for a better world to start and grow a successful business. It does this by providing access to relevant networks, growth capital and new talent.

International Zone

The International Zone is the heart of The Hague as international city of peace and justice. It is the prime location for international organisations and one of The Hague’s core economic areas. In order to make the area more attractive to international organisations and residents, the city is investing in extra amenities, greater security, pleasant open spaces and better transport links.

The Hague is an attractive international city to work, study and live. Enjoy a highly liveable city with modern conveniences and top cultural facilities while relaxing on the beach or walking or biking in the city’s many green parks, dunes or forests.

International hub for new organisations

All of this makes The Hague the hot spot for acquiring and exchanging knowledge and for joining valuable networks. The city looks forward to welcoming new organisations as well as their worthy contributions to this international hub of peace and justice.

For more information about locating your international organisation to The Hague, contact the Begin link: Directorate of International Affairs, end link. .


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