Naturalisation ceremony

Will you be getting Dutch nationality through naturalisation or the option application? Then you will pronounce the Declaration of Solidarity during the naturalisation ceremony. The naturalisation ceremony is currently not being held due to the coronavirus. The declaration is now being done in writing.

Declaration of Solidarity

The Declaration of Solidarity is now being done in writing. You will receive a form by post with the request to complete it, sign it and return it.

Dutch nationality

Once the municipality has received your completed and signed declaration, it will take 3 weeks before you receive the naturalisation decision or option confirmation. The naturalisation decision or option confirmation will be sent to you by registered mail. This is proof that you have become a Dutch citizen.  

Special circumstances

Due to the current circumstances it could take some time for your Dutch nationality to be registered in the municipality's Personal Records Database (BRP). The municipality asks you not to visit a municipal counter. This special procedure will apply as long as the national measures to curb the coronavirus are in effect.

Official Dutch citizenship

After receiving the naturalisation decision or option confirmation, you will officially become a Dutch citizen. You will then have:

  • the right to vote in all elections in the Netherlands
  • the right to be appointed to certain public functions
  • the right to live and work in other European Union countries
  • the right to get assistance from Dutch embassies abroad


    You must complete the naturalisation process within 1 year after receiving the decision on getting your Dutch nationality. If you do not do this, you will not get Dutch nationality. To then get Dutch nationality you will have to apply for naturalisation again.

    You must pronounce a Declaration of Solidarity in writing. This is also obligatory for children 16 years of age and older. By pronouncing this declaration you swear to respect the constitutional order of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and to fulfil your duties as a Dutch citizen. If you do not confirm the declaration in writing, you will not receive the naturalisation decision or option confirmation. You will not get Dutch nationality.

      How does it work?

      • The municipality will send the form to you approximately 9 weeks after you receive notification from the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) or the Department of Public Service. If you have not heard anything after 9 weeks, call the municipality on tel. 14070.
      • If you do not take any action, the municipality will send you the form a maximum of 2 more times.
      • You will be able to apply for a Dutch passport or Dutch identity card at City Hall Spui or the Leyweg City Office 1 week after you receive the naturalisation decision or option confirmation by registered mail. You will then have to turn in your residence permit. You can make an appointment to do this through the page Apply for a Dutch passport or identity card.

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      Published: 16 July 2021Modified: 16 July 2021