Naturalisation process briefly explained

Have you applied for naturalisation at the municipality because you would like to get Dutch citizenship (nationality)? This is what will happen with your application.

  • The municipality will make a recommendation for the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) based on your application.
  • The municipality will submit this recommendation to the IND together with your application. You will be notified about this.
  • The IND will assess your application and will take a decision. If the decision is positive, the application will be forwarded to the King of the Netherlands.
  • The King has to place his signature on the Royal Decree Dutch citizenship, giving you permission for Dutch nationality.
  • The IND will send you a letter stating whether or not you will get official permission to have Dutch nationality.
  • Has your request for naturalisation been denied? Then you can challenge the decision. The letter with the decision explains how you can do this.
  • Have you received a letter with a positive decision from the IND? In approximately 9 weeks you will get an invitation from the municipality for the naturalisation ceremony. You will become a Dutch citizen only if you go to the naturalisation ceremony.
  • 1 week after the naturalisation ceremony you will be able to apply for a Dutch passport or Dutch identity card at City Hall Spui or the Leyweg City Office. You will need to turn in your residence permit to the IND counter or the aliens police in your municipality.
The IND has 12 months to decide on your naturalisation application.

Option application

If you meet certain specific conditions, you can apply for Dutch nationality through an option procedure. The municipality’s Department of Public Service will take a decision on behalf of the mayor. The total process starting from the application takes a maximum of 3 months. This period could be extended by 13 weeks.

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