Swimming lessons

With water all around in the Netherlands, learning to swim is in no way a luxury but an absolute necessity.

Most swimming schools offer the A-B-C certificates with more advanced swimming lessons to follow, including all kinds of other water skills. Once your child has earned his swimming certificates, he can continue to work on perfecting his strokes or take part in a water sport such as water polo, synchronised swimming or diving.

Ask around

It can at first appear quite challenging to find the right swimming lessons for your child as the more affordable courses have long waiting lists. However, if you're willing to do a little homework and perhaps spend a bit more money, you could have your child up and swimming in no time.

The best way to find a good swimming class is to ask around.
Start with the other parents at school, your neighbours or other people in the international community. Most classes will be given in Dutch with a few words of English thrown in. But you'll soon see that learning to swim is a matter of practice makes perfect.

Lessons at the municipal pools

You can sign your child up for inexpensive swimming lessons at the municipality. Click here for a list of the municipal swimming pools.

For more information about swimming lessons, please contact the Sport-info-line. You can sign up for lessons online through the Sport webshop of the Municipality of The Hague by using the swimming lesson registration form (aanmelden voor zwemles). You will then be placed on a waiting list. As soon as a place is available, you will be contacted by the municipality.

Swimming clubs

The municipality's 6 swimming pools also reserve blocks of time for swimming clubs (zwemverenigingen). Lessons at a swimming club are generally more expensive than through the municipality but this is not necessarily always the case. The swimming clubs provide lessons at several swimming pools.

A number of swimming clubs use the municipal swimming pools to offer swimming lessons for children (under 16) and swimming lessons for adults (information in Dutch).

Private swimming schools

Alternatively you can look into lessons at a private swimming school:

Published: 27 June 2016Modified: 26 November 2018