Swimming pool activities

The Hague's municipal swimming pools offer a number of group activities such as aquajogging, aqua cycling, Fifty Fit and swimming with your baby or toddler.

Below you will find a list of the group activities organised in The Hague's municipal pools. For more information about the classes, click the links in the English column.

To find out which days and times the swimming classes are given, go to the overview of the group activities in the various swimming pools under Zwemactiviteiten in Haagse zwembaden (in Dutch). You do not need to reserve in advance for these activities unless this is specifically indicated. Nearly all of the activities are informal lessons.

Translation of terms
Dutch English
Aquajoggen Aquajogging
Aquarobic Water aerobics
Bootcamp Dry & Wet Bootcamp Dry & Wet: Combination of weight training and fitness
Fifty Fit Fifty Fit: for seniors
SwimSlim SwimSlim: Exercise for overweight people
Teddybeerzwemmen Teddy Bear swimming for children 6 months +
Zwangerschapszwemmen Pregnancy swimming
Banenzwemmen and vrij zwemmen Recreational swimming (not a group activity)

Published: 20 April 2016Modified: 8 July 2020