Sports for seniors

In order to grow older as healthy as possible, it is recommended that you exercise regularly. That way you can stay in good shape for a longer time. The municipality would like to help you do this. Read what the possibilities are on this page.

  • There are several sport clubs where you can do sports under the supervision of a qualified expert. You can do this in a sports hall or gymnasium or outdoors.

    Every week you try out a different sport. For example, badminton and tennis.

    You can do sports at the following clubs:

  • Fifty fit is a form of water activity. It is for everybody aged 50 years and older. You keep your muscles, bones and joints flexible in a relaxed atmosphere. You can also participate even if you are unable to swim.


    You can take Fifty fit lessons in the following swimming pools:

    • De Blinkerd swimming pool
    • Het Hofbad swimming pool
    • Overbosch swimming pool
    • De Waterthor swimming pool
    • Het Zuiderpark swimming pool


    You pay per lesson period. The lesson period usually falls between 2 school vacations.

    Please note: once the period has ended, the remaining lessons on your pass will expire.


    For more information about Fifty fit go to Swimming pool activities.

  • The Exercise training course is given within the framework of More activity for seniors (Meer Bewegen voor Ouderen). The goal is to help seniors stay independent. And to improve their living situation if possible.

    The course is for seniors aged 70 years and older who are still living on their own. Exercise training can make it easier for you to do daily chores such as bathing, getting dressed, doing food shopping and other household duties. In addition you pratice:

    • preventing falls
    • enhancing your memory skills
    • improving your condition

    This group programme focuses on activities which can be difficult for seniors. The activities will be practiced as much as possible within their context (the situation and environment) and during your daily life. For example,

    • climbing stairs
    • doing food shopping
    • being active outdoors
    • getting up from a chair or bed
  • Doing sports can create balance in your life. And it helps to keep you in good condition. There are many possibilities in The Hague, also for seniors. How much exercise do you need to stay healthy? There are guidelines you can follow:

    • Make sure you are physically active at least 25 minutes per day
    • Do exercises at least 2 times a week to strengthen your muscles and bones and improve your balance.
    • Make sure you do not sit still too long.

    Would you like to read the sport guide? Request the digital version using the Sport- en beweegwijzer 50+ form. You will receive the brochure by email. You can pick up a paper version at the libraries, city district offices and neighbourhood centres.

Published: 12 May 2022Modified: 12 May 2022