New inventions in Living Lab Scheveningen

The municipality is testing smart, digital inventions on the boulevard in Scheveningen from the Zwarte Pad to the harbour inlet. These will make the city ready for the future and help solve social problems. The municipality is doing this together with residents, visitors, schools and businesses in the ‘Living Lab Scheveningen’.

The municipality selected the boulevard in Scheveningen because it encompasses a small area. It is a place where people live, work and spend their free time. There is a beach and nature, but also a harbour and businesses. This makes it a suitable environment for testing. The goal is to make the environment more pleasant and enjoyable. For instance, by reducing noise or making events safer.

Examples of projects

  • On the Zwarte Pad there are smart streetlights which respond to movement. 
  • In the nature reserve in Scheveningen the municipality is testing which colours of light are good for plants and animals. 
  • A digital sign quickly tells visitors how safe the sea is to swim in.
  • Event organisers, businesses, the police, the fire brigade and ambulance services can use smart public electricity connections. This way the energy can also be better organised in an ‘energy marketplace’. The energy can be bought and sold here.

The role of the municipality

Many of the tests require underground cables, for example for electricity and Internet. The municipality lays these cables. This is done as much as possible at spots where work is already taking place. This ensures as few disruptions as possible. For example, the cables are placed on and in streetlights, kiosks and benches.

Measuring equipment is needed for the tests. The municipality will treat the data with care and confidentiality. Individual people will never be recognisable.

Smart City The Hague

Living Lab Scheveningen is part of the programme Smart City The Hague. This programme encourages (digital) innovation throughout The Hague. The idea is to make the city more pleasant for everyone. Living Lab Scheveningen also falls under with the municipality’s De Kust Gezond programme.

Contact and more information

Would you like to share your thoughts or learn more about Living Lab Scheveningen and/or the Smart City programme? Send an email to:

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Published: 12 October 2021Modified: 15 October 2021