Separating waste: paper

Separating waste: paper

Do you have old paper and carton? Paper and carton are collected door to door every 4 weeks. You can also throw it away in a paper container. Read below which days your paper is collected in your street.

Home collection dates for paper and carton

Paper and carton are collected door to door every 4 weeks. Place your bundle of paper or paper bin (kliko) as close to the street as possible. Flatten carton boxes or cut them in pieces.  

You can find the collection dates for your street in the household waste calendar.

Order a blue paper bin (kliko)

Do you have enough space to place a paper bin, for example, in your house, shed, cellar or garden? Request a blue paper bin (kliko) using the application form for household rubbish bins. The paper bins are emptied on the paper collection day every 4 weeks. The container is allowed to be standing out on the street only on the collection day itself.

Turn in paper and carton

The containers for paper can be found throughout The Hague. This map shows you where the containers are located. Large quantities of paper can be taken to 1 of the garbage and recycling stations.

You can dispose of loose paper and carton in the container. Make sure that it is dry and clean. Make the carton as small as possible so that you can prevent the container from becoming blocked.

Is the paper container full? Report it to the municipality. Make use of a different container for your paper in the area or take it back home with you. Never place your paper next to or on top of the container. If you do this, you risk getting a fine.

What is allowed in the paper container?

Only material which is dry and clean is permitted in the paper container. Below you will find examples of what is allowed in the container and what is not allowed in the container. Are you in doubt about which rubbish is allowed in the container? Look at the Afvalscheidingswijzer (in Dutch) or throw it away in the regular household rubbish container.

Allowed in the paper container

Clean and dry such as:

  • newspapers, books, advertising leaflets and magazines
  • writing and printer paper
  • envelopes
  • carton boxes and packaging (flattened or in pieces)
  • egg cartons

Not allowed in the paper container

Wet and dirty such as:

  • used paper towels and tissues
  • wet wipes
  • pizza boxes
  • coffee filters

    Sticker for less paper 

    Would you like to stop receiving unaddressed advertising leaflets, newspapers and other printed matter? On your letterbox you can place a:

    • nee/ja sticker (no to advertising, yes to free newspapers) or
    • nee/nee sticker (no to advertising and no to free newspapers)

    These stickers are available free of charge at the city district offices. For the Centrum district office you can go to the desk of The Hague Information Centre. You can also order the sticker for a small fee via the website

    Moving boxes

    If you need to get rid of a large amount of cardboard moving boxes, you can phone your moving company to come and pick them up.

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    Published: 24 January 2017Modified: 6 August 2019