Scheveningen harbour

Scheveningen harbour lies directly on the North Sea and is centrally located on the Dutch coast, allowing for rapid movement of shipping in and out of the harbour. Cargo vessels can reach Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and the ports of Hook of Holland and IJmuiden in less than an hour.

The wharfs are large enough for the shipping and storage of goods. More than 7,500 commercial vessels use the harbour each year. Apart from offshore, cargo and reefer vessels, various fishing vessels sail in and out of the harbour every day.

The Port Authority and Control Centre ensures the smooth and safe passage of maritime traffic 24 hours a day. The Port Authority and Control Centre also manages, operates and maintains the tunnel installation in the harbour.

New Scheveningen Harbour Directive 2023

From 2023 the Scheveningen Harbour Directive 2023 will be in effect. These new guidelines should lead to improvements in maritime traffic. And greater safety in and around the harbour. The municipality's guidelines are more in line with:

  • new developments in shipping
  • environment and hygiene
  • technology
  • spatial planning

Other Dutch seaports are using the directive as well. As a result many seaports have the same guidelines. The directive does contain guidelines which specially apply to Scheveningen harbour.

More information can be found at Voorstel van het college inzake Verordening Scheveningen Haven Den Haag 2023 (RIS313843) (in Dutch).

Everybody is allowed to work on a boat or on an object on a boat. Look at the example below for a Work permit for Scheveningen harbour.

Example of work permit for Scheveningen harbour (PDF, 161,6 kB)

You must always report activities in advance.

Report activities

The future

Scheveningen harbour is undergoing a large-scale redevelopment. Priority is being given to the fishing fleet, harbour-related services/off-shore support, water sports and new developments in shipping and water management. There is greater cooperation among companies, government agencies and knowledge institutes focused on the coast and sea.

Also see: New construction in Scheveningen harbour (in Dutch)
Overview of Scheveningen's 3 harbours
Overview of Scheveningen's 3 harbours

First Harbour: fisheries

The First Harbour is the centre of the fishing fleet, with shipping companies and the fish auction. The offices of the Port Authority and Control Centre are also located here. There is also space for off-shore vessels, large commercial vessels, the towing services and the coast guard rescue services (KNRM). The wharves are home to major commercial activities.

Boats in the First Harbour of Scheveningen
Boats in the First Harbour of Scheveningen

Second Harbour: recreation

The Second Harbour is the recreational harbour. Apart from the marina, the Second Harbour offers space for charter vessels and small professional and recreational fishing vessels. The quays are lined with restaurants and cafes, making it a friendly and lively place. It represents a mix of professional activities and tourism.

Second Harbour of Scheveningen
Second Harbour of Scheveningen

Third Harbour: special vessels

The Third Harbour provides space for special vessels such as those from the Rijkswaterstaat (part of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment). Part of this harbour will be developed as a harbour for seagoing vessels. It also offers facilities for professional shipping. The wharf can also be used for commercial and research vessels, and is also suitable for larger sailing boats.

Boat in the Third Harbour of Scheveningen
Boat in the Third Harbour of Scheveningen

Events in the harbour

Events are regularly held in Scheveningen. For a list of current events visit

Address and contact details

Port Authority and Control Centre

Visafslagweg 1
2583 DM The Hague
Telephone: (070) 352 77 01 (Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 16.00 hrs.)
Telephone: (070) 352 77 21 (other days/times)

Control centre for maritime traffic

Mariphone: VHF 21
Telephone: (070) 352 77 21 (24 hours a day)

Scheveningen Marina

Mariphone: VHF 31
Telephone: (070) 352 00 17
Mobile: 06 - 53 29 31 37

G. de Ruiter Scheepsagenturen B.V.

Telephone: (070) 354 88 54

United Fish Auctions Scheveningen

Mobile: 06 - 28 48 32 44

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