Fast-charging stations for electric cars

The municipality is stimulating electric driving because it is clean and cheap. With fast-chargers the municipality wants to make it even easier to use electric cars. A fast-charger can charge a car within 20 minutes.

There are already 9 fast-charging stations:

  • BP Kerkhof at Binckhorstlaan 100
  • Fastned in Ypenburg by the P&R facility at Station Ypenburg
  • Totalenergies on the Laan van Meerdervoort, by the intersection of Ockenburghstraat and Kijkduinsestraat
  • Totalenergies on the Leidsestraatweg by the intersection with the Benoordenhoutseweg
  • Totalenergies in the Beatrixkwartier (Jan Pietersz. Coenstraat)
  • Shell Promenade at Professor B. M. Teldersweg 4
  • Shell Recharge at Donau 90 (Forepark)
  • Tango on the Prinses Beatrixlaan (on the border with Voorburg)
  • Total Jongeneel at Ypenburgse Stationsweg 199

Fast-charging stations in the region:

  • at Laan van Hoornwijck 29 in Rijswijk, near the A4 and A13, there are 12 V3 Superchargers
  • at Zijdelaan 20 in Wassenaar, by the Van der Valk Hotel
  • on the A4 at Shell Recharge, Peulwijk in Den Hoorn, on both the east and west side
  • on the A13 at Shell Recharge, Vrijenbanselaan in Rijswijk
  • at the Shell station on the Schaapweg in Rijswijk
Fast-charging station for electric cars
Fast-charging station for electric cars

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Published: 26 March 2021Modified: 15 February 2022