Clearing away abandoned bicycles in your neighbourhood

The municipality is clearing away abandoned bicycles throughout the city. This frees up additional parking space and your neighbourhood stays clean and tidy.

Is there an abandoned bicycle in your neighbourhood? Report this to the municipality. The municipality will clear the bicycle away.

Report it

Report an abandoned bicycle via the Buiten Beter app. Or report it through the page Report an abandoned bicycle.

Removing abandoned bicycles by neighbourhood

Municipal surveillance officers and employees of the Bicycle Depot Haaglanden go through each neighbourhood in search of abandoned bicycles. Municipal surveillance officers can be recognised by their uniform with ‘Toezicht’ written on it. Employees of the Bicycle Depot Haaglanden wear work clothing. If you see that somebody is about to remove your bicycle, always ask for their identification.

What do the surveillance officers do?

Every bicycle will get a yellow chalk mark on 1 of the tires. The chalk mark will disappear when somebody uses the bicycle. If the bicycle is still standing at the same spot after 28 days with the chalk mark on the tire, the surveillance officer will take a photo and will affix a label on the bicycle.

If the bicycle is still there after 2 days, the municipality will take it to the bicycle depot. You can pick up your bicycle there within a certain period of time (depending on the colour of the label the bicycle gets). This costs € 25 in 2022 and 2023. You have to be able to prove that the bicycle is yours. Do not forget to take a working bicycle key.

Sometimes the lock or another part of the bicycle gets damaged when the bicycle is removed. The municipality will not compensate you for this.

When will your neighbourhood be checked?

Some neighbourhoods have more abandoned bicycles than other neighbourhoods. This is why some neighbourhoods will be checked 1 time a year and other neighbourhoods 2 times a year. Look below to see when surveillance officers will check for abandoned bicycles in your neighbourhood.

  • Neighbourhood Number of the week
    Belgisch Park West / Stadhoudersplantsoen / Oostduinen / Rijslag / Van Stolkpark en Scheveningse Bosjes / Westbroekpark / Duttendel / Zorgvliet / Rijslag Week 26 and 27
    Bezuidenhout Oost Week 19 and 43
    Haagse Bos / Landen / Kampen / Marlot / Burgen en Horsten Week 28
    Binckhorst / Vogelwijk / Zuiderpark Week 28
    Bloemenbuurt West / Bloemenbuurt Oost Week 3 and 7
    Bosjes van Pex / B&M en B / Ockenburgh / Kijkduin / Kraayenstein, Kerketuinen en Zichtenburg / Houtwijk / Kom Loosduinen / Waldeck Zuid / Nieuw Waldeck / Rosenburg / Componistenbuurt / Waldeck Noord Week 23 and 24
    Centrum (Zuidwal, Uilebomen, Kortenbos, Voorhout) Week 2 and 32
    Heesterbuurt en Vruchtenbuurt Week 7 and 34
    Laakkwartier Oost / Laakhaven Oost / Laakkwartier West Week 12 and 37
    Noordpolderbuurt / Archipelbuurt / Morgenstond Oost Week 15 and 39
    Leyenburg / Bomenbuurt Week 21,22 and 44,45
    Moerwijk Oost / Moerwijk West / Moerwijk Noord / Moerwijk Zuid / Morgenstond Zuid / Morgenstond West Week 4 and 5
    Nassaubuurt / Uilennest / Duinzigt / Waalsdorp / Arendsdorp / Van Hoytemastraat e.o. / Willemspark Week 4
    Coast Week 18 and 42
    Rivierenbuurt Noord / Transvaalkwartier Midden / Transvaalkwartier Zuid Week 6 and 33
    Rustenburg / Oostbroek Noord / Oostbroek Zuid Week 8 and 35
    Schildersbuurt Noord / Schildersbuurt West / Huygenspark Week 17 and 41
    Rivierenbuurt Zuid / Groente- en Fruitmarkt / Transvaalkwartier Noord / Schildersbuurt Oost Week 31
    Statenkwartier / Bezuidenhout Midden Week 22 and 45
    Sweelinckplein en omgeving / Koningsplein en omgeving Week 10,11 and 36,37
    Valkenboskwartier / Energiecentrale Week 16,17 and 40,41
    Venen / Oorden / Raden / Zijden / Steden / Zichten / Dreven / Gaarden / de Uithof / Erasmus Veld / Hoge Veld / Parkbuurt Oosteinde / Lage Veld / Zonne Veld Week 9
    Vlietzoom Oost / De Rivieren / Vlietzoom West / De Bras / Vliegeniersbuurt / De Reef / De Lanen / De Velden / De Vissen / Rietbuurt / Bosweide / Tedingerbroek / De Venen / Morgenweide / Singels / Waterbuurt Week 29 and 30
    Bezuidenhout West / Eykenduinen / Laakhaven West / Spoorwijk Week 30
    Zeeheldenkwartier Week 13,14 and 38,39

Derelict bike

The municipality will remove a bicycle:

  • because 1 or more parts are missing, rusted, broken or twisted.
  • if it is in poor condition. For example, the bicycle is covered by a layer of dirt or dust or there are weeds growing through the frame.

The surveillance officers will assess whether a bicycle is a derelict bike. They have been trained to pay close attention to signs of neglect. A derelict bike will get a label and will be removed after 3 days. If the bicycle is not a derelict bike, the surveillance officers will remove the bicycle after 28 days.

          Make someone else happy

          Do you have a bicycle you are no longer using? Give it away or donate it. Have a look at:

            Is your old bicycle not worth repairing? Dispose of it at a waste depot. Or make an appointment to have it collected as bulky waste.

                  Also see: Free and guarded bicycle parking in The Hague

                    Published: 18 July 2022Modified: 10 January 2023