Preschool in The Hague

Children in The Hague between the ages of 2.5 and 4 years are welcome to attend preschool (peuteropvang). The children can play together and learn at preschool. And above all have a fun time. This way every preschooler in The Hague has a chance to get off to a good start at primary school.

A morning at preschool is made up out of making friends, learning new things, doing crafts and playing outdoors. But also learning to share with other children and becoming familiar with numbers and letters in a playful way.

More time and attention

Every preschooler in The Hague is allowed to attend preschool 8 hours per week. The fees are low. For children with an Ooievaarspas it is even free.

Some preschoolers need a bit more time and attention. They have the right to extra free hours of play and learning. They can attend preschool 16 hours per week in total. There are more than 130 places in the city where children can attend preschool. These are not only preschools but also childcare centres. These places devote extra time and attention to physical activty, independence and practicing with numbers and letters. At the Centrum Jeugd & Gezin Den Haag (CJG) the nurse at the child health clinic will see whether your child is allowed to make use of these extra free hours. You can also call tel. (070) 752 80 00.

    What does it cost?

    The amount you need to pay for the preschool depends on your personal situation. For the lowest incomes the fees are approximately € 10 euro per month.

    You can use the calculation tool to easily compute what preschool will cost you. The preschool providers will also be happy to calculate what the fees will be for you.  

    Preschool is free for children with an Ooievaarspas.

      Stop by and find a place in your neighbourhood

      Would you like to come and have a look one time? You are more than welcome! Look at the map with the locations which offer preschool.

      Let op!
      Some providers also call preschool/playschool (peuteropvang) 'voorschool' or 'voorschoolse educatie'.

      You are allowed to decide for yourself which preschool you like the best. There is always a location close to your home.

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        Published: 17 June 2022Modified: 17 June 2022