Leasehold contract expires within 15 years

Are you the owner of a single family house, apartment or business property and does your leasehold contract expire within 15 years? Do you want to know what your new land value and ground rent will be? Or are you planning to sell your single family house, apartment or business property? You can apply for a reissue on request.

Only the current leaseholder (seller) can submit a request for a reissue of the ground lease right. The municipality will not consider a request for a reissue of the ground lease right by a future leaseholder (buyer of a home standing on land owned by the municipality).

The municipality will only make you an offer if there are no planning or zoning objections. There may be reasons from an urban planning perspective why the ground lease contract may not be extended, for example if spatial developments are expected in a certain area.

You submit this request for a reissue of the ground lease right. This means that the land will be newly appraised and the municipality will make you an offer.

Reissue on request costs € 750. The ground lease department (Erfpachtbedrijf) will process your application once this sum has been received. You will be notified about this at the email address you provided.

You will get the application fees back if you accept the offer and if a new ground lease contract is drawn up.

Have you paid the reissue application fees? Then you will get an offer in approximately 8 weeks. The offer is valid for 3 months.

There are many applications at the moment. It can therefore take longer than 8 weeks before you get an offer.

Are you applying for apartment rights? Then you will get the reissue (obligatory contract) approximately 6 weeks after the municipality has received the signed offer.

Leasehold contract expires within 5 years

If your leasehold contract expires within 5 years, you do not need to do anything. You will receive an offer from the municipality between 2 to 3 years before your current contract expires. For more information, visit: Begin link: Leasehold contract expires within 5 years, end link. .

Video with brief explanation

The video (in Dutch) below explains what it means when your leasehold contract expires.

Do you have any questions about ground lease? Then you can contact the ground lease department (afdeling Erfpacht). The telephone number is (070) 353 52 40, available on weekdays from 9.00 to 16.00 hrs. Or send an email to Begin link:, end link. .


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