Ground lease

  • Pay ground lease

    The annual fee for the ground lease (erfpacht) is called the ground rent and is the fee you pay for the use of the land.

  • Buying a house or apartment with ground lease

    Would you like to buy a house (single family) or apartment with ground lease? The mortgage lender can ask for a reissue on request.

  • Pay off the leasehold in perpetuity

    Are you a leaseholder with a ground lease contract after 1986? If so, you can request to pay off the leasehold in perpetuity.

  • Ground lease conditions

    Ground lease: what is allowed and what is not? You can read about it in the general and special conditions for your ground lease right.

  • From ground lease to own land

    Leaseholders can in some cases become the owner of their ground lease land. The leaseholder can purchase the land from the municipality and thus become its full owner. The right to leasehold then ends.

  • Leasehold contract expires within 5 years

    Do you own your own (single family) house, apartment or business premises and does your leasehold contract expire within 5 years? If so, you will receive a reissue offer from the municipality approximately 3 years before the expiry date.

  • Leasehold contract expires within 15 years

    Are you the owner of a single family house, apartment or business property and does your leasehold contract expire within 15 years? Then you can apply for a reissue on request.

  • Appraisal and land value for leasehold

    Ground lease is the right to use land owned by someone else. The leaseholder pays a price for this right: the value of the land.

  • Apartment rights

    When you purchase an apartment, you and any other owners have the right to the land: the ground lease right.

  • Dividing, changing and merging ground lease rights

    The leaseholder who wants to divide, change or merge his leasehold always needs permission from the municipality.