Charging stations for electric cars

Do you drive an electric car or do you want to start driving an electric car? Read the rules for using electric charging stations in The Hague.

The Hague has more than 2,400 charging stations and numerous fast-charging stations. Every year approximately 400 new charging posts are added. Each charging post has 2 charging points. This means the city gets 800 additional public charging points every year.

Where can you find the charging stations?

See the locations of the public charging stations on the website Begin external link: link), end external link..

Would you like to stay informed about where new charging stations are being installed? Look at the announcements of which permits and traffic decisions the municipality has issued. Look up your area on the website Begin external link: Officië link), end external link. (in Dutch).

Charging your car at the charging stations

You are only allowed to park at a charging station while you are charging your car in a designated electric-car charging space. The municipality will check to see if the charging cable is actually connected to the car. If you are parked at a charging station without charging your car, you could get a fine for illegal parking. And your car could be towed away.

Have you seen a car parked illegally at a charging station? You can report this to the municipality via the page Begin link: Report a problem, end link. (Public space).

Paid parking

Cars which are being charged have to pay for parking. And there is a maximum amount of time they are allowed to park.

Charging card

You need a personal charging card to charge your electric car at a public charging point. Various companies provide these cards. In The Hague you pay the same price for electricity at every public charging station. The charging stations in The Hague use green electricity (renewable energy). The price is € 0.36 per kWh including VAT. You may have to pay a surcharge for using the card. This depends on the card and the type of subscription. You can check this with the provider of your charging card. The price at a fast-charging station is not always the same.

Charging cable

Do you want to charge your car in front of your house? You may not pull a cable over the public road in order to charge your electric car from your home or business. This is also not allowed if you are using a cable cover mat or cable tray, for example. You are also not permitted to place any cables, wires or cords above or below the sidewalk in order to charge your car. This is not safe and it is not allowed. See articles 2.10, 2.10A and artlce 2.11 of the General Municipal Ordinance for The Hague (Begin link: APV, end link. ) (in Dutch).

Out of order

Report any technical malfunction by calling tel. (088) 484 85 17. This number is displayed on the charging post. State the number of the charging post. This is the GDH number displayed on the post.

More information

If many people are making use of a charging post, the parking spaces will be designated as charging spaces. A charging space is marked by a painted cross on the pavement and a traffic sign. This means that the parking space is only allowed to be used for charging an electric vehicle. No more than 2 charging spaces can be created at a charging station. The municipality will try to take the needs of as many residents as possible into account. The decision to create a charging space depends on how much a charging station is expected to be used.

In streets with a lack of parking space, a sign will be placed at the charging station stating the reserved window of times (10.00-22.00h). This means that cars are only allowed to be charged between 10.00 hrs. in the morning and 22.00 hrs. in the evening. Outside of these hours non-electric cars are also allowed to park in a charging space.

You can find more information about the zero-emission zones on the following pages:

Information about installing charging posts within a homeowners association can be found on the website: Begin external link: link), end external link..

There are more and more fast-charging stations in The Hague where your car can be charged within a short time:

  • BP Kerkhof at Binckhorstlaan 100
  • Fastned in Ypenburg by the P&R facility at Ypenburg station
  • Totalenergies on the Laan van Meerdervoort, by the Ockenburghstraat/Kijkduinsestraat
  • Totalenergies on the Leidsestraatweg, by the Benoordenhoutseweg
  • Totalenergies in the Beatrixkwartier (Jan Pietersz. Coenstraat)
  • Shell Promenade at Professor B. M. Teldersweg 4
  • Shell Recharge at Donau 90 (Forepark)
  • Tango on the Prinses Beatrixlaan (by the border with Voorburg)
  • Total Jongeneel at Ypenburgse Stationsweg 199


Do you have any questions? Send an email to Begin link:, end link. .

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