Vote in the European Parliament elections as a non-Dutch citizen

The European Parliament elections take place on Thursday, 6 June 2024. Are you a citizen of 1 of the member states of the European Union? Then you can choose to vote in the Netherlands for the Dutch members of the European Parliament.

You can also choose to vote in your country of origin for the members of your own member state. You need to make a choice: it is not possible to vote 2 times.

Voting in your country of origin

Would you like to vote in the EU country where you have citizenship? Then you need to indicate in that country that you want to vote as a voter abroad. You will then not be allowed to cast your vote in the Netherlands and you will also not receive a voting pass. You will also not have to contact the Municipality of The Hague.

Voting in the Netherlands

Would you like to cast your vote in the Netherlands? Then you need to complete the registration form. You send the form to the municipality together with a copy of your Begin link: valid identity document, end link. .


  • You are a citizen of an EU country.
  • You are 18 years or older on 6 June 2024.
  • You live in The Hague.
  • You have not lost the right to vote.

If you previously registered as a voter in the Netherlands for an earlier European Parliament election, you do not have to do this again.

The municipality will decide within 7 days after receiving your form whether you are allowed to vote. You will then receive your voting pass a few weeks before the elections.

Are you (also) a citizen of the Netherlands, are you 18 years or older and do you live in The Hague? Then you do not need to fill in any forms. You will then automatically be registered as a voter.

Registration form

You can no longer register as a voter in the Netherlands with another EU nationality. This was possible up until Tuesday, 23 April 2024.

More information

For more information about:

  • voting as an EU citizen in your country of origin
  • voting from abroad
  • voting in the EU country you live in

Go to the Begin external link: website European elections ( link), end external link..


Do you have any questions about your registration? Send an email to Begin link:, end link. or call tel. (070) 353 44 88.


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