• Register a death

    When a person dies, you should report their death to the municipality in which it occurred. The municipality enters the death of the person with the Registry Office and the Municipal Personal Records Database.

  • Death certificate

    Did somebody die in The Hague? You can request written proof of this.

  • Register a stillborn child in the BRP

    You can register your stillborn child in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP). You do this in the municipality where you live.

  • Arranging a funeral

    In the Netherlands, a funeral director usually arranges the funeral. But you can also arrange this yourself at the Kerkhoflaan and Westduin municipal cemeteries.

  • Kerkhoflaan Cemetery

    The municipal cemetery on the Kerkhoflaan is 1 of 2 municipal cemeteries. The cemetery has existed since 1830. It is an attractive and lush location in the city.

  • Westduin Cemetery

    The municipality manages 2 cemeteries. The Westduin Cemetery is located on the outskirts of The Hague by the dunes. The cemetery offers peace and tranquility.