Servicepunt XL: for information, advice and help

Do you have questions about work, care or your personal situation? The Servicepunt XL is the place to go for help if you have a question or problem. There are 17 Servicepunten XL in The Hague. Make an appointment for free assistance.

You can get answers to all kinds of questions at a Servicepunt XL. A staff member of the Servicepunt XL will assist you. For example, you can get help from a social worker or a senior care consultant (geriatric care advisor). They provide advice and they help you come up with solutions for problems in your daily life. You can also visit a Servicepunt XL if you are looking for volunteer work. And for information about fun activities in your neighbourhood.

What kind of help can I get at a Servicepunt XL?

A Servicepunt XL provides the following kinds of assistance:

  • finding activities and services in your neighbourhood

  • finding volunteer work
  • administration and money matters
  • using the computer
  • filling in (online) forms
  • information and advice for caregivers
  • applying for subsidies and benefits
  • applying for Wmo support
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    Are you looking for help with money matters? For example because you want to apply for a benefit, you are experiencing financial difficulties or you could be facing eviction from your home? Also look at the page Advice and Information desk.

    Who is it for?

    The Servicepunt XL is for all residents of The Hague with a question or problem. This includes young people, adults and seniors.

      Where do I find a Servicepunt XL?

      Digital map

      Servicepunten XL in each city district

      • Wijkcentrum De Burcht

        Stortenbekerstraat 201

        Telephone: (070) 205 22 50

        Wijkcentrum Julianakerk

        Schalk Burgerstraat 219

        Telephone: (070) 205 22 90

        Wijkcentrum Parada

        Van Limburg Stirumstraat 280

        Telephone: (070) 205 22 10

      • Wijkcentrum Escampade

        Escamplaan 61f

        Telephone: (070) 205 23 60

        Wijkcentrum Bouwlust

        Eekhoornrade 215

        Telephone: (070) 205 25 86

        Wijkcentrum Moerwijk

        Aagje Dekenlaan 51

        Telephone: (070) 205 23 70

        Wateringse Veld

        Panamaplein 34

        Telephone: (070) 205 25 86

      • Wijkcentrum Mariahoeve

        Ivoorhorst 155

        Telephone: (070) 205 24 50

      • Wijkcentrum Het Kalhuis

        Badhuisstraat 177

        Telephone: (070) 416 20 20

        Wijkcentrum Het Trefpunt

        Tesselsestraat 71

        Telephone: (070) 416 20 20

      • Wijkcentrum De Regenvalk

        Regentesseplein 148

        Telephone: (070) 205 26 60

        Wijkcentrum ’t Lindenkwadrant

        2e Braamstraat 6

        Telephone: (070) 205 24 80

      • Wijkcentrum De Wissel

        Van Meursstraat 1b

        Telephone: (070) 205 23 90

        Wijkcentrum Cromvlietplein

        Cromvlietplein 120

        Telephone: (070) 205 23 80

      • Wijkcentrum Piet Vink

        Laan van Hoornwijck 260

        Telephone: (070) 205 25 40

        Wijkcentrum Leidschenveen

        Harriët Freezerhof 201

        Telephone: (070) 205 24 00

      • Wijkcentrum De Henneberg

        Tramstraat 15

        Telephone: (070) 205 25 90

      Look at all the opening hours on the website of Servicepunt XL.

      Make an appointment

      Visit a Servicepunt XL in your neighbourhood. Look at the addresses above in the overview. Do you have a complicated question? Then you usually need an appointment. You can always take somebody with you to the appointment.  

      Are you unable to visit a Servicepunt XL? Then you can phone to make an appointment for a home visit. The telephone numbers for the Servicepunten XL can be found in the list above.

      Published: 12 May 2023Modified: 15 May 2023