Low-cost health insurance from municipality

The municipality has arranged for a low-cost health insurance for people in The Hague with a low income. This is the Hague health insurance. You will then have a comprehensive insurance policy with VGZ.

Every person who lives or works in the Netherlands is legally obliged to take out a standard health insurance. The Hague health insurance at VGZ takes effect on 1 January 2023.

Are you already insured with VGZ and do you meet the conditions? Then you can switch to the Hague health insurance at VGZ at any time in the year.

      Conditions for applying

      The conditions for the Hague health insurance:

      • You live in The Hague.
      • You are not allowed to be a HBO/WO student and receive study financing.
      • The assets of a family may not be higher than € 15,210 (2023).
      • The assets of a single person may not be higher than € 7,605 (2023).
      • Your income and assets may not be higher than 150% of the benefit norm (bijstandsnorm). In the table under 'Fees' you will find the standard amounts and premiums at VGZ.
      • You are not allowed to have any debts with your current health insurance company. More information can be found under the section ’Difficulty paying’.

          Choose the right package

          You can choose between 2 packages:

          • Do you have high healthcare costs, for example at the dentist or orthodontist? Or do you often need to go to the physiotherapist? Choose the comprehensive package.
          • Do you have lower healthcare costs? For example, you pay a low deductible. Or you do not often have to go to the physiotherapist or dentist. Choose the compact package.

            Assistance in choosing the package

            Answer 8 short questions in this decision aid tool (in Dutch) and get advice on which package would be best for you.


            VGZ Den Haag compact package

            Choose this package if you do not use a lot of healthcare. The advantages:

            • 9 physio treatments
            • € 200 towards courses on staying healthy
            • € 250 for dental care (for example, a check-up)
            • footcare € 100 and € 70 for shoe insoles
            • per 3 years € 100 for glasses or lenses
            • always accepted, everybody is welcome
            Belangrijke informatie: The deductible is not insured.
            The municipality does not contribute to your premium.

            VGZ Den Haag package (most popular)

            Choose this package if you regularly need healthcare.The advantages:

            • 20 physio treatments
            • € 400 towards courses on staying healthy
            • € 500 for dental care and € 2,500 for orthodontics (for example, braces)
            • foot care € 300 and € 125 for shoe insoles
            • 1 time per 3 calendar years € 125 for glasses or lenses
            • your personal healthcare contribution under the Social Support Act (Wmo) will be reimbursed
            • paying the bills in advance is not needed
            • always accepted, everybody is welcome
            Belangrijke informatie:

            Extra advantage:

            The deductible is fully insured.

            The municipality contributes to your premium. This depends on your financial situation.

            Prevention budget

            In addition to the advantages you get extra reimbursements with both packages from a prevention budget. For example for a lifestyle programme or a get better sleep course. You can read more about the prevention budget. You can spend:

            • VGZ Den Haag package € 400 per year
            • VGZ Den Haag compact package € 200 per year


            • Children under 18 years are co-insured for free.
            • The fees for the Den Haag compact package are € 166.65.
            • From 18 years to state pension (AOW) age you pay for the comprehensive package:

            18 years to state pension (AOW) age

            21 jaar tot en met AOW-leeftijd
            income and assets single person single parent family contribution by municipality monthly premium
            110% € 1,272 € 1,635 € 1,817 € 20 € 197.05
            130% € 1,503 € 1,932 € 2,147 € 10 € 207.05
            150% € 1,734 € 2,230 € 2,477 € 0 € 217.05

            As of state pension (AOW) age

            AOW-leeftijd of ouder
            income and assets single person single parent family contribution by municipality monthly premium
            110% € 1,517 € 1,870 € 2,067 € 30 € 187.05
            130% € 1,793 € 2,210 € 2,443 € 10 € 207.05
            150% € 2,069 € 2,550 € 2,818 € 0 € 217.05

              Do you have difficulty paying?

              Has a medical bill come at a bad time? Or do you face a risk of meeting your financial obligations? Look at the Service and contact page for VGZ. Here you can read how VGZ can help you find a solution.

              Other health insurance companies can also help customers who have fallen behind in their payments. Would you like to switch to The Hague's health insurance at VGZ? Look together with your current health insurance provider at how you can make your payments.

              Do you have difficulty paying or do you have other questions about money matters? The Helpdesk Geldzaken at the Municipality of The Hague can help you. Make an appointment or visit 1 of the locations of the Helpdesk Geldzaken.


              Belangrijke informatie: The municipality will check every year whether you are eligible for the Hague health insurance at VGZ. Always provide the correct information in your application.

              You can register at www.gezondverzekerd.nl/denhaag.


              With the municipality: for questions or help with your application

              Call SZW customer service to make an appointment to come by.

              Take these documents with you to the appointment:

              • a valid proof of identity for all family members you would like to register
              • your DigiD (if you have it)
              • proof of your net income, such as a salary statement for you and your partner (if you have one)
              • copy of a recent bank statement
              • an overview of the healthcare you received over the past year. For example, a list of medications or the number of treatments at a specialist

                With VGZ: for questions on declarations and reimbursements

                Call the free VGZ telephone number: 0800 - 020 01 53.Or look at the website of VGZ. Here you will find more information on what is reimbursed and frequently asked questions by other customers. You can also download an information package.

                    Also see

                    Would you like an explanation from a financial trainer on the deductible and personal contribution? Sign up for the workshop Uw zorgverzekering en het eigen risico.