Acknowledgment of Parenthood (AOP) after the birth

When the parents of a child are unwed or have not entered into an unmarried partnership, the father or the same-sex mother (not the birth mother) can formally acknowledge parenthood. This can be done during the entire lifespan of a child, even when he is of age.


  • The person acknowledging parenthood must appear in person to acknowledge the child.
  • Is the child younger than 12 years old? Then the birth mother must give permission for the acknowledgement of parenthood.
  • Is the child between 12 and 16 years old? Then permission is required from the birth mother and the child.
  • Is the child older than 16 years old? Then only the permission of the child is needed for the acknowledgement. The child must then appear in person during the acknowledgement because the child must declare which surname he/she will have.

Use this Dutch form for the mother's permission for acknowledgement:

Toestemming van de moeder voor erkenning (PDF, 11,4 kB)
  • Do you want the child (younger than 16) to get the surname of the person acknowledging parenthood (man/woman)? Then the birth mother has to appear in person during the acknowledgement of the first child for permission and choice of the surname.
  • If the person acknowledging parenthood (man/woman) of the first child wants to acknowledge any later-born children, then the birth mother only has to give written permission. These children will get the same surname as the first child.
  • Are one or both of the parents not registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP, previously GBA) of the Municipality of The Hague? Then the Municipality of The Hague must first check the personal details at the municipality where the parent(s) is registered.

Would you like more information about the conditions and consequences of acknowledging parenthood? Go to Welke voorwaarden gelden er als ik mijn kind wil erkennen?

What you need for the AOP

  • a valid form of identification for the birth mother, a valid form of identification for the person acknowledging parenthood (man/woman) and, if available, a valid form of identification for the child.
  • if applicable, the mother's permission for acknowledgement (toestemming van de moeder voor erkenning).

Does the birth mother, the person acknowledging parenthood (man/woman) and/or the child live abroad or was the child born outside of the Netherlands? Then you may need more documents. Make an appointment using the green button below.

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To acknowledge the child after the birth, you need to make an appointment at a city office.

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Consequences of acknowledgment after the birth

The consequences of acknowledging parenthood after the birth are:

  • The parent acknowledging parenthood will become (partially) financially responsible for the child.
  • A connection between the person acknowledging parenthood (man/woman) and the child will be established according to the law of inheritance.
  • The child will get the surname of the birth mother at birth. Would you like the child to get the surname of the person acknowledging parenthood (man/woman)? Then the surname can be chosen of the person acknowledging parenthood. The declaration of surname choice can only be done for the first child of the same parents. When declaring the surname choice, both the birth mother and the person acknowledging parenthood have to appear in person.
  • Is the birth mother not a Dutch national, but the person acknowledging parenthood (man/woman) is? If the child is acknowledged before he is 7 years old, he will automatically get Dutch nationality from the person acknowledging parenthood (man/woman). Is the child 7 years or older? Then other rules apply. More information about this can be found on the website of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service: Nederlander door geboorte of erkenning.

    Legal custody

    The person acknowledging parenthood (man/woman) does not get legal custody over the child. If you would like this, you will need to arrange it separately. More information about this can be found on the website of the Rijksoverheid: Ouderlijk gezag en voogdij.



    How long does it take?

    If all the conditions are met, the acknowledgment certificate will be drawn up immediately.