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Municipal contact information

Do you have a question, suggestion or complaint? Would you like to report a problem or request a service? Please contact the Municipality of The Hague via this website. You can also phone the municipality, stop by one of the district offices or by send a letter.

Sending an e-mail

Do you have a question or suggestion about a municipal service? Are you unable to find certain information on the website? You can fill in the online contact form: Query or suggestion for the municipality.

Reporting a problem online

Would you like to report a problem in a public area, such as a broken street lamp or litter? Read about how you can inform the municipality under Report a problem to the municipality. You will need to complete the online form: Melding openbare ruimte.

You can also report a problem using your mobile telephone. Go to mobiel een melding doen.

Filing a complaint

Are you dissatisfied with the services provided by the Municipality of The Hague? You can find the complaints form under Klacht indienen over de gemeente.

Telephone contact

You can phone the Municipality of The Hague Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 18.00 hrs. (CET) on tel. 14 070. If you are phoning from abroad, please call: +31 70 353 30 00.

Twitter and Facebook

The Municipality of The Hague is active on Twitter (in English) and on Facebook (in English). Stay on top of the latest news, join in on a discussion or ask a question.

Face-to-face contact

You are welcome to stop by The Hague City Hall or one of The Hague’s other city district offices. Please consult the information on the city district offices for the address and opening hours of the office near you.

Sending a letter

Would you rather write a letter? Letters can be sent to the municipality's general postal address:

Gemeente Den Haag
Postbus 12 600
2500 DJ The Hague

Response time to letters

The municipality will send a confirmation of receipt within 2 weeks and a response to your letter within 4 weeks. If the municipality is unable to meet this deadline, you will receive a message with the reason for the delay and the date you should expect to receive an answer.

Website editors

If you have any comments about the content of the information on or, you can send an email to one of the editors:

Dutch content: question for the municipality
English content only:
French content only:
Other languages: question for the municipality

Press enquiries

At you will find the contact details of the press spokespeople for The Hague's aldermen and their portfolios.

Other useful contact information

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