Waste removal for companies

Different rules apply to the collection of commercial business waste than to household waste. The municipality does not collect any company waste. Businesses are obliged to arrange for the collection of their waste by a certified company.

Waste removal contract

Sign a contract with a certified waste removal service for the collection of your company waste. The contract should contain the following arrangements:

  • The days and time your company waste will be collected. 
  • Which waste you will dispose of separately, for example glass and paper.
  • The sort of waste you will have collected (composition).
  • How much waste you will have collected each time or period.
  • Which type of collection container you will use: a sealed waste container.

Disposal of company waste

Here are the rules for disposing of company waste.

  • Place your company waste in well-sealed waste containers.
  • Set your container out on the street at the time which you agreed with your waste removal service. Please note: once the waste container has been emptied, return it right away to your premises or inside your building.
  • If litter is left lying on the street after your container is emptied, you are responsible for clearing this away and leaving your street clean.
  • Please note: some areas have different rules for disposing of company waste. These rules can be found (in Dutch) in the Afvalstoffenverordening 2010 and Regeling uitvoering Afvalstoffenverordening 2010 Den Haag 2018 on overheid.nl.

Fine or penalty

Read when you risk getting a fine or penalty.

  • Fine (Boete Overlast) of at least € 95: when you do not dispose of your company waste by the rules or when you use containers for household waste.
  • Penalty of € 1,000: when you are unable to demonstrate that you have a waste removal contract for company waste or when you have no acknowledgement of receipt that your waste was collected by a certified company.

Published: 23 January 2017Modified: 3 January 2020