Request a bicycle stand

A U-shaped bicycle stand (fietsbeugel or 'fietsnietje') is a bicycle rack which you can use to chain up your bike. Residents of an apartment complex without a basement storage unit or garage can ask the municipality for this type of bicycle rack.


  • Request the bicycle stand using the Fietsbeugel application form. Print out the form, complete it and send it by post to the municipality (postal address is below).
  • You must check with other residents of your apartment complex if they would also like a bicycle rack. This will determine how many bicycle stands are needed. The other main tenants of the building must also sign the application form. This is the way for them to show that they agree with the application for a bicycle stand.
  • Attach a sketch to your application. This should indicate where you would like to have the U-shaped bicycle stands placed.

The municipality will handle the applications in the order they are submitted. This continues until the budget for bicycle racks is used up.

Fietsbeugel application form (Dutch) (PDF, 43,7 kB)

Postal address for Department of Public Service

Dienst Publiekszaken, city district (name of the city district where you live)
afdeling Wegbeheer
Postbus 12620
2500 DL Den Haag


  • You can request 1 or more U-shaped bicycle stands only for the pavement directly in front of the entrance to your apartment complex. The bicycle stands may not block the passage of emergency services, wheelchairs and baby carriages.
  • Depending on your application and the available space, the municipality will place a maximum of 4 bicycle stands. Each stand can accommodate 2 bicycles.

For whom?

Only residents of an apartment complex without an external storage space can request a bicycle stand. Examples of an external storage space are a basement storage unit or a garage. The bicycle stands will usually be placed in the public space and are therefore for general use.



How long does it take?

You will receive a message within 3 working days. If many applications have been submitted, it is possible that your application will be placed on a waiting list.