Report pests and rodents

Are you having a problem with pests and rodents? Such as rats, wasps or oak processionary caterpillars. Check if the municipality can help you.


  • You have a complaint about pests and rodents in the public space, such as wasps or oak processionary caterpillars. You can find information on the pages Report cockroach problem and Report rat nuisance to see what you can do about these specific pests and vermin.
  • If you have a problem in your own home, garden or courtyard, contact a pest control service. You can find companies listed on the website of the Nederlandse Vereniging Plaagdiermanagement Bedrijven.
  • Your home is not owned by a housing corporation. If you are renting your home from a housing corporation and you have pests in your home, report this to the corporation.


Report a problem in the public space



How long does it take?

The municipality will follow up on reports of pests and rodents in the public space in general within 3 working days.

Good to know

The municipality does not combat mice or moles in the public space. Bees are not considered pests.