Apply for a permit to remove a residence from the housing supply

Are you planning to convert a residential property into a commercial space, shop or office? Or would you like to tear down a residential property or rent it out? Then you need a housing withdrawal permit. The property will then lose its residential function.


You need a housing withdrawal permit to:

  • convert the residential property into commercial space
  • convert the residential property into a shop or office
  • demolish the residential property
  • use a residential property as lodgings. This usually applies to renting out a residence to people who are staying in The Hague for a short period of time. For more information go to Renting out short stay accommodation.

Permit requirement

Please note: to tackle the housing shortage, the municipality requires you in certain cases to apply for a permit. You will find more information about this on the page Measures for problems on the housing market.

    Needed for the application


      You can request the application form by sending an email to

      The application form will then be sent to you.


      The application for a housing withdrawal permit costs € 521.90. If the municipality rejects your application for the permit, these fees will not be refunded.