Look at construction drawings

Would you like to look at construction drawings? You can see all the available paper drawings made before 2010 at the Inzagebalie Bouwtekeningen (Inspection of Construction Drawings) counter.

How does it work?

Would you like to look at blueprints made before 2010? Then visit the Inzagebalie Bouwtekeningen (Inspection of Building Drawings) counter. The counter is open on weekdays from 8.30 to 16.30 hrs.


  • You can view the construction drawings by appointment only.
  • Your appointment confirmation contains a day, date and time to look at the drawings. You will get the confirmation by email.
  • Would you like to look at another address than the one for which you made the appointment? Then you need to make a new appointment.
  • The records are delicate. Handle the materials with care. Food, drink, excessive noise and pets are not allowed.
  • The counter is unable to guarantee that the information you are seeking is available.


Viewing a building plan is free of charge. You pay the following fees for a copy or scan:

Format Fee per print
A0 € 4
A1 € 3
A2 € 2.50
A3 € 0.50
A4 € 0.30
You can only pay with a bank card at the Inzagebalie Bouwtekeningen counter. You pay during your visit.

How long does it take?

Did you purchase a copy or scan at the counter? Then you usually receive this by post or email within 10 working days.

Good to know

  • You will get to see the complete building plan. This could be more than just the address that you indicated. For example you may receive information on a whole block of buildings or an apartment complex. The compete building plan can vary from 1 box to dozens of boxes. You will need to search for what you need at the Inzagebalie Bouwtekeningen counter. You will get an appointment to do this.
  • In the complete building plan you will find everything available for the address you requested.
  • Staff at the counter will not provide support or advice when you view the records. They can help you apply for scans or copies.  


Apply to look at construction drawings

You will get an appointment to see the complete building plan. During this appointment you can look at the records for the address you have indicated.

Cancel the appointment

Are you unable to come? Notify the Inzagebalie at least 24 hours in advance by sending an email to inzagebouwtekeningen@denhaag.nl. Include:

  • your name
  • the day, date and time of the appointment
  • the address for which you are seeking information