Park economically: Park-and-ride (P+R)

Park your car at a low rate at a P+R facility (Park-and-ride) on the outskirts of the city and travel to the city centre or Scheveningen by public transportation. Or park your car at a P+B facility (Park + Bike) and then rent a bicycle to continue your journey.

View the closest P+R facilities

Park your car at a low rate and travel to your destination quickly on public transport or by bike.

P+R facilities at the edge of the city

  • Address

    Laan van Zuid Hoorn 38

    2289 DE Rijswijk

    About P+R Hoornwijck

    • You can travel to downtown The Hague in 15 minutes on Tram 1 or 15
    • Your parking card is also a (day) return ticket for the tram
    • Open 24 hours a day
    • 446 parking spaces
    • There are 12 charging points for electric cars


    The rates can be found on the Q-Park P+R Hoornwijck

  • Address

    Appelgaarde 201

    2272 TE Den Haag

    About P+R Mariahoeve


    Free parking

  • Address

    Prinses Maximaplein

    Den Haag

    About P+R Station Ypenburg

    • By train in 8 minutes to The Hague's Central Station
    • Tram 9 travels from The Hague's Central Station to Scheveningen in 14 minutes
    • 222 parking spaces
    • There are 4 charging points for electric cars


    Free parking

  • Address

    Henri Faasdreef 30

    2492 JV Den Haag

    About P+R Station Leidschenveen haven

    • This station has 3 Randstadrail lines with direct connections to downtown The Hague, The Hague West, Zoetermeer and Rotterdam
    • You pay a special daily rate at this outdoor car park
    • Open 24 hours a day
    • 169 parking spaces
    • There is a closed parking garage with an additional 170 parking spaces only 46 metres away in the neighbourhood of Leidschenveen


    The rates can be found on the Interparking

P+R facilities in the city

  • Address

    Van Alphenstraat 102

    2274 NE Voorburg

    About P+R Station Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indië

    • By train in 5 minutes to The Hague's Central Station. You get a discount on the maximum daily rate
    • Bus 23 travels to Scheveningen in 20 minutes
    • 155 parking spaces


    For reservations and rates go to the Q-Park P+R Laan van NOI

  • Address

    Jaap Edenweg 10

    2544 NL Den Haag

    About P+R De Uithof

    • Bike to Kijkduin in 17 minutes
    • Bike to Bedrijventerrein Zichtenburg-Kerketuinen-Dekkershoek in 6 minutes
    • RandstadRail 4 travels to downtown The Hague in approximately 15 minutes


    Free parking

P+R facilities Scheveningen

  • Address

    Waalsdorperlaan 34

    2244 BN Wassenaar

    About P&B Duindigt

    • Cycle to the Scheveningen boulevard in approximately 14 minutes
    • Open 24 hours a day
    • 347 parking spaces
    • A reservation is required


    To reserve parking in combination with a (rental) bicycle go to Park&Bike Den Haag

  • With Park+Beach you park in the city centre. You then continue your journey to Scheveningen on the tram or by bicycle. For more information and to book Park+Beach go to the website van Park + Beach.

Published: 29 June 2022Modified: 6 October 2022